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Education and Experience

I hold a BSc in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Alberta. I designed and delivered CS-related camps to youth ages 8–15 for 8 years. I have worked on many software development projects, and am currently working as a UX Designer/Scripter at BioWare on the upcoming game Anthem.

Software Projects

I have worked on many software projects, primarily using Java, C++, and Python. I have a particular interest in image processing. See my GitHub page for all of my open-source projects.

Digital Artwork

One of my hobbies involves creating 3D renders, simulations, and animations using an open-source 3D suite called Blender. I have also used Photoshop extensively for 2D image editing.


I have been playing piano for 20 years, and have also learned to play other instruments including acoustic guitar (mostly folk) and tenor saxophone (primarily jazz). I also compose electronic music using FL Studio and Audacity.