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Learning Resources


UAlberta Resources


Academic Success Centre
 — this UAlberta service offers strategies, workshops, and individual appointments to help students achieve academic success


Centre for Writers
 — for help with any type of assignment or project at any stage of the writing process


Tutor Registry
 — a Students’ Union resource that can connect you with a tutor for PSYCO (and other) courses


Counselling & Clinical Services
 — this UAlberta unit can help you identify and manage test anxiety, plus help you with depression, procrastination, stress, and more (formerly Mental Health Centre)


Peer Support Centre
 — this Students’ Union service provides information, referrals, crisis intervention, and a confidential place to come and talk

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Multiple Choice Exam Tips


Suggestions For Coping With Multiple Choice Questions
 — tips especially for introductory psychology, from SFU’s Student Learning Commons (read why it’s probably bad to change your answer)


The Multiple-Choice Exam
 — helpful guide to preparing for/writing/following-up on multiple choice exams, from UVic’s Counselling Services


Test-Taking Advice: Especially for the Multiple-Choice Challenged
 — detailed help for before, during, and after writing your exams, based on psychological research, from the U of Calgary


Writing Multiple Choice Tests and Learning From Multiple-Choice Exams
 — includes pages on dos and don’ts, and how to improve your future performance, from Western’s Learning Skills Services


Succeed at Exams: Multiple Choice Exams
 — tips and strategies from the U of Guelph’s Learning Commons


Preparing for Tests and Exams
 — more tips and strategies, from YorkU’s Learning Skills Services

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Essay Exam Tips


How to write in-class essays and short answer exams
 — tips on preparing for and writing written exams, from the UAlberta Centre for Writers


Strategies for Essay Exams
 — how to prepare for and write an essay exam, from SFU’s Student Learning Commons


In-Class Essays and Short Answer Exam Questions
 — many tips from the UAlberta Centre for Writers


Exam preparation: Strategies for essay exams
 — tips for exam preparation and exam writing, from SFU Student Learning Commons


Writing Better University Exam Essays
 — a Wikibook on improving your essay exam writing


Succeed at Exams: Preparing for Essay Exams and Writing Essay Exams
 — tips and strategies from the U of Guelph’s Learning Commons

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Term Paper/Literature Review Tips


Literature Reviews
 — explains what literature reviews are and offers insights into their form and construction; from The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill


Foundational Tutorials
 — the UAlberta Libraries decribe beginning, understanding, finding, evaluating, and citing research studies for a term paper


Writing a Literature Review in Psychology
 — the U of Washington Psychology Writing Cente walks you through the steps of writing a psychology lit review


Writing a Psychology Literature Review
 — thorough help from the UConn Writing Center


Learn how to write a review of literature
 — describes four basic steps


The Literature Review: A Few Tips On Conducting It
 — some advice from the U of Toronto Writing Advice


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Study Skills & Learning Strategies


The Learning Scientists
 — evidence-based learning resources and a blog about strategies for effective learning (highly recommended)
  (TL;DR YouTube video: How to Study Effectively for School or College [Top 6 Science-Based Study Skills])


Retrieval Practice
 — more recommendations on how to best use practice to improve learning


SQ4R: Survey - Question - Read - Recite - Relate - Review
 — my blog posts explaining the components of the SQ4R study method


Why Cramming Gets a "C"
 — Scientific American article describes studies that show spacing out learning over time works best


studenthacks.org and Study Hacks
 — both blogs have good repositories of “hacks” for students


Procrastination and Science
 — how to avoid procrastination, from a University of Calgary prof (try a test of procrastination)


Metacognitive Study Strategies
 — metacognition (thinking about how you think and learn) improves learning and memory


Reading & Note-Taling
 — helpful strategies, from YorkU’s Learning Skills Services


Ten Traps of Studying
 — and their solutions (does #10 sound familiar?)


Managing Time in University
 — this how-to guide helps you manage the time you have, from YorkU’s Learning Skills Services


Introduction to Memory Techniques
 — MindTools’ site has several articles and techniques to train and enhance your memory


Sites to Promote Academic Success
 — has links to information on time management, study skills, goal setting, learning strategies, memory skills and test taking


Your fear of office hours is about to end
 — a guide to meeting with professors

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