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• NOTE: this class was previously numbered PSYCO 267


• the textbook is available from (hardcover, hardcover + MindTap, ebook, or ebook + MindTap) and Vitalsource Canada (ebook, or ebook + MindTap)


• 10th edition textbook errata (depending on which printing you have; some errata may have been corrected):

- p.vii, p.xvii, p.16 (twice), p.17, p.18 (twice), p.52 (twice), p.53, p.55 (5 times), p.248, p.400: the Hermann grid is also known as the Hermann-Hering grid

- p.xix: it is extremely unlikely that “Ewald Hering, University of California, Berkeley” was an expert reviewer on this book (Hering died in 1918)

- p.8, p.19, p.394, p.411, and p.459: “visual form agnosia” should be “visual object agnosia”

- p.58: “David Hubel and Thorsten Wiesel” should read “David Hubel and Torsten Wiesel”

- p.90: “Catwoman from Batman” should read “Catwoman from Catwoman

- p.93: “It could, after all, simply end right were A begins.” should be “It could, after all, simply end right where A begins.”

- p.99: “...psychologist Max Wertheimer, who was on vacation taking a train ride through Germany in 1911...” should be “ 1910...”

- p.100, p.122, p.400, p.406 (multiple times), p.450, p.456 (twice): “pragnanz” or “Pragnanz” should be “Prägnanz

- p.213 (in the Demonstration box): “In Figure 6.19b, you couldn’t focus just on horizontal...” should be “In Figure 6.21b, you couldn’t focus just on horizontal...”

- p.213: “A tritanope sees colors as in Figure 9.30d, and sees the spectrum as in Figure 9.31d--blue at short wavelengths...” should probably read “...turquoise at short wavelengths...”

- p.221 and p.428: “Optiks” should be “Opticks

- p.266: “Thus, A1 has a fundamental frequency of 27.5 Hz, A2’s is 55 Hz, A3’s is 110 Hz, and so on.” should be “Thus, A0 has a fundamental frequency of 27.5 Hz, A1’s is 55 Hz, A2’s is 110 Hz...”

- p.352: “But perhaps most interesting of all, it not uncommon for amputees...” should be “ is not uncommon...”

- p.364: “the soft palette--the top of the mouth” should be “the soft palate

- p.374: In Figure 15.15, the caption “(a) a series of carbolic acids...” should be “carboxylic acids”

- p.388: “It could be that their actual sensitivity to the lights is exactly same...” should be “ exactly the same...”


• MindTap errata:

- chapter 3, question #8: “Carl Goss” should be “Charles Gross and coworkers

- chapter 5, question #1: “d. the principle of pragnaz” should be “d. the principle of Prägnanz

- chapter 8, question #8: “medial” could be “middle


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