Curriculum Vitae for ROBERT KIRCHNER



University of California, Los Angeles, Ph.D., 1998, Linguistics



Dissertation: An Effort-Based Approach to Consonant Lenition

(Development of a theory of lenition phenomena, grounded in articulatory and perceptual considerations, using the formalism of Optimality Theory)



University of Maryland, College Park, M.A., 1992, Linguistics



Master's Thesis: Harmonic Phonology within One Language: an Analysis of Yidiny

(An early exploration of Optimality Theory, analyzing a variety of segmental and prosodic phenomena)



University of Maryland Law School, J.D., 1986



Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, B.A., 1983, Political Science



Phi Beta Kappa, Departmental and General Honors





Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Teaching graduate and undergraduate phonology, phonetics, and morphology.


Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Alberta

Teaching graduate and undergraduate phonology, phonetics, and morphology.


Visiting Assistant Professor, UCLA

Teaching undergraduate historical linguistics, and etymological structure of English words


Lecturer, USC

Teaching undergraduate introduction to phonetics and phonology (first and second semesters)


Lecturer, UC-Irvine

Teaching undergraduate introduction to phonetics and phonology


Visiting Lecturer, University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign

Teaching beginning and advanced graduate phonology






and Talks

A Cue-Based Approach to the Phonotactics of Totonac  (with Eleni Varelas), paper presented at the 7th annual meeting of the Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas, March 23, 2002, Edmonton, Alberta. 

Consonant Lenition, forthcoming in Phonetic Bases of Markednesss, B. Hayes, R. Kirchner, D. Steriade (eds.), Cambridge University Press.

Phonological Contrast and Articulatory Effort , forthcoming in Segmental Processes in Optimality Theory, L. Lombardi (ed.), Cambridge University Press.

Review of P. Boersma (1998) Functional Phonology, forthcoming in Glot International.

Geminate Inalterability and Lenition , Language 76:3, 509-545.

Spirantization and Stridency, paper presented at LSA, Chicago, January 7, 2000.

Aperture-Based Lenition Contexts, paper presented at LSA, Los Angeles, January 8, 1999.

Some New Generalizations Concerning Geminate Inalterability, paper presented at LSA, New York, January 9, 1998.

Contrastiveness and Faithfulness , Phonology 14:1, 83-111 (1997).

The Importance of Being LAZY: an OT Approach to Lenition, poster presented at Hopkins Optimality Theory Workshop, Baltimore, Maryland, May 11, 1997.

Synchronic Chain Shifts in Optimality Theory , Linguistic Inquiry 27:2, 341-350 (1996).

An Effort-Based Approach to Lenition Generalizations, presented at Mid-Continentental Workshop on Phonology, Urbana, Illinois, November 1996.

A Non-Representational Theory of Contrastiveness, presented at Arizona Phonology Workshop, Tucson, April 1995.

Contrastiveness Is an Epiphenomenon of Constraint Ranking, Proceedings of the Berkeley Linguistics Society 21 (1995).

Turkish Vowel Harmony and Disharmony: an Optimality Theoretic Account, presented at Rutgers Optimality Workshop (ROW-I), New Brunswick, N.J., October 23, 1993.

Lardil Truncation and Augmentation: a Morphological Account, presented at Linguistic Society of America conference, Philadelphia, PA, January 11, 1992.

Yidiny Apocope and Vowel Lengthening: Phonological Processes without Phonological Rules, Proceedings of NELS 21 , U.Mass. GLSA (1990).


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