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Robert Kirchner(PhD: UCLA; M.A: University of Maryland; J.D.: Maryland Law School; BA: Johns Hopkins University) joined the University of Alberta Linguistics Department as assistant professor in July 2001, after two years as a sessional instructor.  He was promoted to associate professor in 2005. His research interests include phonology, phonetics and morphology.  His primary research programme concerns the extent to which phonological patterns and alternations can be accounted for in terms of an interplay of phonetic (articulatory and perceptual) considerations.  He is also investigating the role of (some notion of) analogical pattern extension in the "phonologization" of patterns of phonetic variation.


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PEBLS (Phonological Exemplar-Based Learning System)

Consonant Lenition (Ch. 10 of Hayes, Kirchner & Steriade (2004) Phonetically Based Phonology), with Figures

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