A den Hartigh Coat of Arms

This coat of arms probably has been borne by Jan den Hartigh, born in 1763 at Klaaswaal, deceased in 1833 at Klaaswaal. He was a well-to-do farmer, a man of distinction, who performed several functions in the church and in public life. In the period he lived, it was quite normal that persons of his status bore a coat of arms, although not belonging to the nobility. 

Jan's great-grandson Korstiaan den Hartigh, born in 1879 at Mijnsheerenland, deceased in 1956 at Haarlem owned a small panel with this coat of arms. Korstiaan handed this panel over to his grand nephew Paulus den Hartigh, born in 1936 at Broek op Langendijk. Paulus was at that moment 15 years of age. Paulus, who still lives in Broek op Langendijk, repainted the coat of arms at a larger scale. 

In 1993 he presented such a repainting to Machiel den Hartigh, born in 1924 at Dordrecht, nowadays living in Heerenveen in Friesland. 

At the end of 1996 Machiel came via friends in contact with the Frisian Council of Heraldry. He gave an order to Mr. P. Bultsma for painting the coat of arms in conformity with the heraldic rules. The coat of arms "den Hartigh" will be registered by the Frisian Council of Heraldry. 

Mr. Bultsma was a painter of the Frisian Council of Heraldry from 1979 until 1987. Since 1987 he is the owner of the heraldic studio "Caduceus" in Leeuwarden. He is also qualified as painter of the High Council of Nobility. He is a joint author of a standard work on coats of arms of families in the North of the Netherlands. 

As mentioned above this coat of arms is supposed to have been used by Jan den Hartigh. The figures in the shield are a heart, probably derived from the name den Hartigh (in Dutch a heart is a hart) and three Saint-James-shells, maybe derived from the coat of arms of the community of Mijnsheerenland, in which five of those shells are placed. (The villages Strijen, Klaaswaal and Mijnsheerenland are situated near to each other on the isle of Hoeksche Waard, South of Rotterdam.) 

Nowadays a considerable part of the descendants of Jan den Hartigh lives in the Hoeksche Waard, in the province of North Holland and in Michigan, USA.  

It is a question what is the position of the remaining den Hartigh's in relation to this coat of arms. As far as we have found up to now they all are descendants of the half-brothers of Jan, named Ary, Simon and Pieter. The father of these four men is Paulus, born in 1733 at Strijen, deceased in 1812 at Klaaswaal, also a man of distinction. It is quite sure that he too has borne a coat of arms, because in his heritage in the chapter silverware is mentioned a seal with a silver hilt. It is very likely that this seal contained his coat of arms. Maybe this was the same coat of arms as his son bore. But up to now there is no evidence that this is true, in spite of the investigations made in the archives.  

Heerenveen, December 1996. 

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Uitnodiging Reunie (Family Reunion) July 15 2006

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I would like to dedicate the following pages and links to my Grandmother, Adriaantje den Hartigh "nee" Vink who was born in 1892 and died in 1984 at age 91 and my Grandfather, Cornelis (Kees) den Hartigh who was born in Nieuw-Beijerland in 1884  and died in 1945 in Rotterdam.

The information here has been derived from various sources and people and is being collected over time to come up with a comprehensive geneology of our family history. I started this page to find out more about our roots. As of early 1996 I became aware of many den Hartigh's living in the US and Canada by scanning the various search engines available. With this page I am hoping to discover relationships with the other den Hartigh's on the net as well as delve back in history as far as possible to determine a family tree and the origins of the den Hartigh name.

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This picture is circa 1900 and shows all three of My Grandfather's sisters Ingetje den Hartigh is 3rd from the left on the top Mein den Hartigh is 5th from the left on the top Betje den Hartigh is 3rd from the left on the bottom, Ingetje has her hands on Betje's shoulders Another lady in this picture is Griet den Hartigh to the right of Ingetje, Don't know how she relates
This photo is circa 1913 and shows Kees den Hartigh (on the far left) with his band.
This is a photo taken at the Streekmuseum in Heinenoord July 2006 of a item in a toy artifact display
This photo is circa 1911 and shows Kees den Hartigh (on the far right) with his choir.

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With the help of a fabulous little program I found (ged2www) I can present the present available information on the den Hartigh clan in a nicely indexed fashion. This information however is currently being depricated and to obtain the latest updated information please go to

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The following files and image were provided by Machiel den Hartigh from Heerenveen, Holland and Werner den Hartigh  from Lekkerkerk, Holland. Machiel and Werner have done some outstanding research on the den Hartigh history and it is an honor to be able to provide this information to you on their behalf.
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In the West Michigan area there are over 60 people with the den Hartigh name, all descendants of Paul den Hartigh (my grandpa) and John den Hartigh, both immigrants from Heerhugowaard, in North Holland. About Paul den Hartigh, there are many. My great grandpa was Paul den Hartigh, coming from south Holland to Heerhugowaard in north Holland, near Alkmaar. He was born around 1890. His son Paul, my grandpa (born in 1910; still alive), was the oldest and his next son John both moved to Michigan. John came here in the '50's, and Paul in 1966. John's family lives in Kalamazoo, except George who lives in california. Paul's family lives mostly in Grand Rapids.

1801: Jan den Hartigh (in Z.H.(south holland))
kids:   Maaike
        +Paulus (1842)
        Kees (1884)
        Aagje (1850)

1842: Paulus den Hartigh (in Myn'sherenLand, ZH)
kids:   Klaas
        Cornelius (Kees)
        +Paul den Hartigh (1881)

1881: paul den Hartigh
kids:   Paul (in grand rapids) 
        Jan (in kalamazoo)
        Lies (in Netherlands)
        Bastiaan (passed away)

1910: paul den Hartigh (grand rapids)         
kids:   Paul April 14 
        Henk (new zealand)                    
        Ali (netherlands)                      
        Ralph born as Roelof in Heerhugowaard 08-09-1951

John den Hartigh (kalamazoo)
kids:   paul

(From Ton den Hartigh in Duncan B.C.)

There was a Paul den Hartigh who lived in the Netherlands all his life. Just talked to my mother back in Holland about the clan. The Paul den Hartigh who moved to the Michigan area from Heerhugowaard moved there apparently with about ten children and was a cousin of my grandfather. An aunt of mine is still communicating by regular mail with this Paul. My grandfather Paulus den Hartigh was born not in 1900 but on April 14, 1899 and passed away on the 22nd of June 1974. He was married to Neeltje den Hartigh, nee Wagenaar, who passed away 3 months before him. His brothers were Jan, Hendrik(Henk) and Bas and his sisters Arendje and Marie, both still alive in the area of Alkmaar, North Holland. Details of their children will be known at a later date since this is sent from Holland. Interesting to know that 2 sons of Paul and Aaf den Hartigh who moved with the ten children in the sixties from Holland to the Grand Rapids area have worked for my dad back in Alkmaar in a grocery store before they left. A few years ago they visited that store while my dad was there by coincidence since he had sold that store a number of years ago. My grandfather Paulus(Paul), I believe, was born in Beijerland and resided in Alkmaar as long as I knew, that is since the fifties, He had six children, of which Hendrik(Henk) is my father. The other names are: Jan, Paul, Ali(Dutch name for a female), Annie(still communicating with Paul and Aaf in Grand Rapids) and Ingena(eldest of the children). By the way, she also mentioned that a Kees den Hartigh recently passed away in Heerhugowaard.  

(From Michiel den Hartigh)

My family tree as promised:
Pieter den Hartigh
born 26-4-1887
died 16-5-1964
Jan Pieter, son of Pieter
born 23-10-1917
Alida den Hartigh, daughter of Pieter
born 20-12-1912
died 12-8-1956
Neeltje-Aartje den Hartigh, daughter of Pieter
born 31-5-1915
Pieter Jan Cornelis, son of Pieter (this is my grandfather)
born 3-7-1923
Paulette den Hartigh, daughter of Jan Pieter
born 9-4-1945
Jeanette den Hartigh, daughter of Jan Pieter
born 9-4-1945
Jan Pieter den Hartigh, son of Jan Pieter
born 13-3-1947
Peter Jan Cornelis den Hartigh, son of Jan Pieter (this is my father)
born 13-2-1950
Cornelis Eduard den Hartigh, son of Jan Pieter
born 19-2-1957
Eric den Hartigh, son of Peter Jan Cornelis (this is my brother)
born 1-4-1972
Michiel den Hartigh, son of Peter Jan Cornelis (me)
born 13-3-1974

(From Machiel den Hartigh in Holland who is the by all means the best resource to date on the den Hartigh clan)

What Tim told you was very familiar to us, because we visited as well the families in the Grand Rapids area, as the families in Kalamazoo. In both groups I offered a booklet with a lot of information on the den Hartigh's, but written in Dutch. We saw that Tim's grandmother Aafje de Graaf had a lot of information, she is a very nice and interesting woman. We stayed a few days with her son Paul. But I am afraid that there is a risk to make the most serious mistake in genealogy by guessing. You suppose that Paulus de Hartigh, born in 1842 was the father of your great opa. I don't think so. Paulus was married with Bastiaantje Schelling. They indeed had a son Cornelis. He was born 15-03-1877 (in Europe the sequence is day-month-year)in Mijnsheerenland. He went to North Holland, where he married in 1903 with Immetje Glazekas and in 1914 with Grietje Bloemendaal. This I am afraid is the wrong way. The den Hartigh-clan is far more complicated. In 1683 was born Paulus, son of Jan Pouwelse and Judicht Jacopsdr. Paulus got a son Jan. Jan got a son Paulus. In my view this Paulus, born 01-03-1733, a rich farmer, was a central figure. As far as I know, all the den Hartigh's living at this moment do descent from him. He married three times. The first two women died short after the birth of one of the children. The first wife was Maria Aarts Fonkert. A son of her was Jan. The den Hartigh's in North Holland and in Michigan do descent from him. I gave this branch the name A-branch. The second wife was Maria Boender, she had a son Ary. His descendents live partly still in the Hoeksche Waard, but you find them also in Rotterdam, The Hague and so on. This I called the B-branch. The third wife was Lijsbeth Simons den Haan. She got two sons, Simon and Pieter. The descendents of Pieter I called the C-branch. This is the branch to which I belong. You find a lot of them in Dordrecht and in Rotterdam, but they are spread all over the country. Two twin brothers out of this branch emmigrated to Michigan. A grandson of one of them is Paul Zijlstra, we met him in Jennison. I must confess that I neglected the descendents of Simon. As a matter of fact he also created a branch, but I never met one of them, and I had only limited information on this branch. But I know that Simon had a farm in Nieuw-Beijerland. He had three sons, Alexander, Paulus and Cornelis. Cornelis went to the province of Zeeland. But as far as I know Alexander and Paulus stayed in Nieuw-Beijerland. Not impossible that your relations do descent from one of them. The only reliable way to find this out is to go to the archives in The Hague, The capital of the province of South-Holland, in which De Hoeksche Waard is situated. There it is possible (I hope so) to find your ancestors. I will start with your grandfather, you gave his birthday. I will try to find his act of birth. That will give his parents. So we have to follow the line in acts of birth, of marriages and of death. The trouble is that the older acts are sometimes difficult to read, everything is handwritten, the micro-copies are not always very good.

June 12 1996

Some details from Simon de Hartigh:
Baptised in Klaaswaal on 01-04-1781, died in Nieuw-Beijerland 23-02-1829.
Married in Mijnsheerenland on 16-04-1805 with Alexandria Moret, born in
Oud-Beijerland 08-07-1783, died in Nieuw-Beijerland on 12-02-1829.
From this marriage 1. Lijsbeth, born 17-11-1805 in Nieuw-Beijerland 2. Alexander, born 14-12-1806 in Nieuw-Beijerland 3. Paulus, born 03-10-1808 in Nieuw-Beijerland 4. Cornelis, born 22-05-1810 in Oud-Beijerland

June 13 The continuing story of the den Hartigh-clan. Today I stopped painting my house and my wife stopped her gardening. We took the train to the Hague from which we just returned pretty tired. But we found "The Missing Link" ! We still have to arrange and bring together our findings, but for the moment a short impression: We started with your grandfather Cornelis. He was the son of Jan den Hartigh and Aartje Vogelaar. They married 19-05-1877. Jan was born 14 12 1846 as the son of Pieter den Hartigh and Ingetje Verhagen. Ingetje Verhagen came from Charlois, now a days the South-Western part of Rotterdam. We could not find the marriage of this couple. Maybe Ingetje was somewhere working an married from there, no idea. Anyway we looked in several places, but no result so far. Pieter was born 27-03-1813 as the son of Simon den Hartigh and Aelxandrina Moret. That closed the chain and this way you are "officialy linked" to our tree. So the remarkable thing is that the list of children I once found in the Streekmuseum (Areamuseum) in Heinenoord and made by a descendant of Cornelis was incomplete.  

(From David L. den Hartigh in Wisconsin USA)

There was a Lawrence den Hartigh and his wife who immigrated to the US in the early part of the century, settled in Racine and had four male (John, Henry , Lawrence, Jr., and Donald) and three female (Cornelia, Jean and Wilhelmina) children. John, Henry and Donald and Cornelia are now deceased.

(From Leendert Cornelis den Hartigh in Nieuwendijk Netherlands.)

Hallo, my name is Leendert Cornelis den Hartigh (arhitect ) I am very impressed about de family history I was born in Klaaswaal(Holland) on 30-5-1948 as son of Hendrik den Hartigh 19-4-1920 en Aartje Berkman, my grandfather was Leendert den Hartigh spouse with Hendrika Vos en his father was Jan den hartigh spouse with Vermeer. They living in Klaaswaal her all lives. I am married with Gerarda Hobo she was born in Rotterdam at 4-12-1950. We have two sons, Richard, Hendrik, Gerard born in Nieuw-Beijerland at 15-1-1970 en Eric is born in Zuid-Beijerland at 23-9-1972 Richard going to married on next 5-2-1999 with Hanneke van IJzeren. Big party. He lives in Klaaswaal. Eric lives in Rotterdam. We lives in Nieuwendijk nearly by the water Haringvliet, about 10 km from Klaaswaal.

(From Kees den Hartigh in Edmonton Alberta Canada)

I am presently collecting more information on the den Hartigh Family. If you have any further information such as birthdates, death dates, names of decendants, photos or anything you can think of please e-mail me.