Structures produced by dewatering and soft-sediment deformation

Dewatering and soft-sediment deformation structures are often associated, because upward flow of water loosens the packing of sediment grains, allowing fluidization to occur.

load and flame structuresLoad and flame structures. Ordovician Goose Tickle Group, western Newfoundland, Canada.

dish structuresDish structures; sandstone turbidites, central Wales.

sheetsSheet structures - Irishtown Formation (Cambrian), Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, Canada.

sand volcanoesSand Volcanoes: Goldenville Group, Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada.


Dewatering structures, Devonian Old Red Sandstone, NE Scotland.

sedimentary dykeSandstone dyke, Carboniferous Horton Group, Blue Beach, Nova Scotia, Canada

Convolute lamin

Convolute Lamination. Ordovician Goose Tickle Group, Western Newfoundland, Canada


"Pseudonodules" - load structures that have become disconnected from their source bed.

ball and pillow

Ball and pillow structures - load structures with bulbous rounded shapes

overturned cross-beds

Overturned cross-bedding - produced by current drag across the top of a dewatering cross-bed set. Goose Tickle Group, Port au Port Peninsula, western Newfoundland, Canada.