Bedding and Grain Orientation

Stratification is perhaps the most widespread of sedimentary structures. It is often associated with sedimentary fabric, produced by the orientation of grains. On this page are photographs of some special types of stratification and grain-orientation.

Images copyright © 1998, John W.F. Waldron, except where otherwise stated

Clast imbrication

Graded bedding in a turbidite, with load structures at base and cross-lamination near top. Goldenville Formation, Eastern shore, NS.

Clast imbrication

Imbrication, Devonian conglomerate, Miguasha, Québec.

Clast imbricationInverse grading (thought to result from the grain-interaction in densely packed 'traction carpets' at the base of a high-density turbidity current). Goldenville Formation, Nova Scotia.