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John Waldron

I work in the department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta. My research is mainly on deformed sedimentary rocks of continental margins and orogenic belts (mountain belts) including the Appalachian-Caledonide system of eastern Canada and the British Isles, and the Canadian Cordillera.


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Contact information

How I got here..

Trilobite from Arisaig, Nova ScotiaI was born in Denmark, but grew up entirely in the UK, mainly in the Essex suburbs of London. From about 1968 my parents indulged my enthusiasm for collecting fossils by arranging their summer vacations in classic areas of British geology and paleontology. Attending Cambridge University from 1974, I was subverted from paleontology into studies of orogenic belts by the glamour of the then new theory of plate tectonics. From 1977 to 1981 I worked as a postgraduate student at Edinburgh University, on the geology of the Antalya Complex, southwestern Turkey. In January 1981 I came to Memorial University of Newfoundland where I held a post-doctoral research fellowship (though embarassingly I was only truly 'post' doctoral for 13 days in this position.)

From 1981 until 2000 I worked at the Geology Department of Saint Mary's University, Halifax Nova Scotia, where I taught sedimentary and structural geology, field methods, and several different flavours of introductory geology. I ventured into web-based teaching with a course entitled "The Earth:Atlantic Canada Perspective". In the summer of 2000 I moved to a position in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. From 2004-2008, I took on the job of associate chair with responsibility for undergraduate studies.

My research deals with deformed sedimentary rocks from both sedimentary and structural geological perspectives (I have generally resisted being classified as either a sedimentary or a structural geologist, though Ihave sometimes admitted to being a "deformed sedimentologist"). My recent research interests are in the Caledonian-Appalachian geology of Atlantic Canada and the British Isles, in the Archean Slave province of the Canadian Shield, and in sedimentary basins within the Canadian Cordillera.

I have a strong interest in the teaching of Earth Science, and especially Field Geology. To that end, I developed an outdoor teaching facility known as the Geoscience Garden at the University of Alberta with the assistance of the University of Alberta teaching and Learning Fund, and a team of collaborators. To learn more about the Geoscience Garden visit the Geoscience Garden web page

Other stuff

Outside geology my interests include tinkering with computers (although I've done my best to make that part of my job; see above). I'm most at home on a Mac (where wrote this) but am quite prepared to speak to Windows or Unix if it's what does the job.

I also enjoy music of all kinds (OK, most kinds), and play guitar on occasion, including in a small celtic-flavoured ensembles 'Knotwork' (because we only do it for fun) and "Rain at Times Heavy" with other members of my family. Please visit my favourite composers and other musical sites...

Recent Publications

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Journal papers and such...
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Geological Survey reports and open files, etc.

  • Gagnon, J.-F. & Waldron, J. W. F. 2009. Sedimentation patterns and reservoir distribution in a siliciclastic, tectonically active slope environment, Bowser Basin, Northwestern British Columbia (NTS 104B/01). In: Geoscience BC Summary of Activities 2008. Geoscience BC Report 2009-1, 193–200.
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Some Educational contributions
  • Waldron, J. W. F., and Butler, J. C. 1999. Another node on the internet: Experiences teaching an introductory course on the web: part 1. Computers and Geosciences, 25: 1097-1099.
  • Waldron, J. W. F., and Butler, J. C. 1999. Another node on the internet: Experiences teaching an introductory course on the web: part 2. Computers and Geosciences, 25: 1187-1190.
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  • Waldron, J.W.F. (1998) Rainy Cove, Pembroke in Wallace P. (editor) Discovering Rocks, Minerals and Fossils in Atlantic Canada. Atlantic Geoscience Society Special Publication 14, 81-83.

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