The Shrine to the Sutherland Children

To put it plainly, these kids are our pride and joy. Tala is an active six year old, Ty and Rhys are overactive 4 and 3 year old boys and Arwen is the typical 10 week year old girl who isn't sleeping quite as much as we would like.  They are suitably spoiled by all who know them and have had their share of fun and excitement in their young lives. The pictures that follow should represent that to a certain degree.

       Arwen, 2 days of age.


                                                Tala and Grandma Robinson.





The Sutherland Family (1998) at Fraser and Becky's wedding.

←     Tala is too cool.

She is also a great big sister.


The Sutherland Kids (including the biggest one) on the Hoodoos around Drumheller, 2002.

  Sometimes, even the boys are nice to one another!

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