Department of Linguistics

4-46 Assiniboia Hall

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB

T6G 2E7




I did my PhD in Psychology at McGill University (1998), and my MA and BA in Linguistics at the University of British Columbia. I did postdoctoral studies at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders at McGill University before joining the Department of Linguistics at the University of Alberta in 2000.

I study bilingual language acquisition, second language acquisition, and specific language impairment in children. One of my research programmes concerns children learning English as a second language: How these children approach native-speaker competence, what unique language development profiles they display, the factors explaining why some individual children learn English faster than others, and what language measures best differentiate English second language children with typical development from those with impairment. One outcome of this research is a website with resources for the assessment of children in multilingual settings: .  Another research programme concerns the language development of French-English bilingual children: How their development compares with their monolingual peers in each language and the implications this has for theoretical accounts of the role of input in acquisition. My research has been supported by Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions (AIHS; formerly the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research), the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC), the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network (CLLNet), and the Alberta Centre for Child, Family, and Community Research (ACCFCR).