Pottery by
Rita McGie

         Welcome to my Web Page!
I have been a professional potter for the past 24 years and currently live and work in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, just outside of Edmonton.

I received my formal ceramics education at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, Alberta, graduating in 1976 and receiving a diploma in Pottery and Ceramics. The four year program at the Art College was a time of intense study and practical experience working in a medium that requires not only skill, but also a vast technical knowledge of a complex process.

After graduating I began my professional career as a studio potter at a co-op studio, Pottery West, in Edmonton. Since then I have worked in a variety of studio situations as well as being a ceramics instructor at the Clay Hut in Sherwood Park, the Students Union Ceramics Department, University of Alberta and have given numerous workshops for various potter's organizations.

Artistic Statement

I am continually impressed by the range and scope of work that has been done within this medium from prehistoric time to the present. Clay is a medium with endless possibilities, whether it is used to create functional or decorative work. It is for these reasons that I became interested in pottery and continue to be fascinated by it.

I believe that pottery made by people dedicated to their work is more than merely another commodity, but is a valid form of creative expression, no less than any other. A fine piece of pottery is an object that can be enjoyed for years, generations or even millennia. When I see an exquisite piece of pottery I see in it a work of sculpture with a surface every bit as rich as a painter's canvas, with the added bonus that it often has a function which brings it into a tactile relationship with it's owner. 
Handmade pottery enhances my experience of living and it is my hope that it will be similarly enjoyed and appreciated by others.