Jack Jhamandas

Post Secondary Education and Academic Positions Held  
Honours and Awards  
Professional Affiliations Held
Research Interests
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Research Interactions

Degrees:                B.Sc. (Alberta), M.Sc. (Alberta), M.D. (Calgary), Ph.D. (McGill), FRCPC

Affiliation:              Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine

530 Heritage Medical Research Building

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2B7

Tel:    Office:             (780) 407-7153

Lab:                (780) 492-1669

Fax:                (780) 407-3410

E-Mail:            jack.jhamandas@ualberta.ca

Post Secondary Education and Academic Positions Held

1976-1979 M.D. Medicine University of Calgary
1979-1980 Internship Internal Medicine Toronto Western Hospital
1980-1981 Resident Internal Medicine Toronto Western Hospital
1981-1984 Resident Neurology Montreal Neurological Institute
1984 FRCPC Neurology McGill University
1984-1987 Ph.D. MRC Centennial Fellow Neurosciences McGill University
1987- Member Div. of Neuroscience University of Alberta
1987- Member AMFMR Rehab Neuroscience group University of Alberta
1987- Active Medical Staff Medicine University of Alberta Hospitals
1987-1992 Assistant Professor Medicine (Neurology) University of Alberta
1988-1993 MRC Scholar Medicine (Neurology) University of Alberta
1992-1997 Associate Professor Medicine (Neurology) University of Alberta
1997- Professor Medicine (Neurology) University of Alberta
1998-1999 AHFMR Visiting Scientist Neuroscience McGill University, Netherlands Inst. Brain Res.
2001-    Canada Research Chair - Tier 1 Medicine (Neurology) University of Alberta

Honours and Awards               

MRC Centennial Fellowship - 1984-1987

1986 Francis McNaughton Prize (awarded by the Canadian Neurological Society)

MRC Scholarship - 1988-1993

Medal in Medicine - 1989 - Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Elected Member - 1993 - American Neurological Assn. (Membership selected on basis of academic achievements)

Elected Member - 1995 - Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

Killam Annual Professorship - 1994-95

Department of Medicine Research Achievement Award - 1998

AHFMR Visiting Scientist Award - 1998 - 1999


Professional Affiliations Held

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Fellow
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Member
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta Member
American Academy of Neurology Member
Canadian Neurological Society Member
Canadian Association for Neuroscience Member
Society for Neuroscience Member
Canadian Physiological Society Member
Canadian Medical Association Member
Alberta Medical Association Member
American Neurological Association Member
Canadian Stroke Consortium Member
Canadian Stroke Society Member
Alpha Omega Alpha Honour Medical Society Member


Undergraduate Courses

Physiology 261CNS & Autonomic Physiology for OT, Physio, Med Lab Science Students
Medicine 434 Neurology for Dentistry students
Rehabilitation Medicine 354 Clinical Neurology for Rehab. students
Pharmacology 412 Drugs and the Nervous System
Pharmacology 371 Neuroscience: Cells, membranes, molecules
Neuroscience 450/451 Laboratory based project; selected readings
Neuroscience 472 Autonomic Neuroscience

Graduate and Medical Courses

Physiology 411Medical Physiology (CNS clinical lectures)
Neuroscience Block DMED 524 Clinical Neurology for Phase II Medical students
Pharmacology 421 Clinical Pharmacology for Phase ll Medical students
Pharmacology 433 Therapeutics and Problem Solving (Phase ll Medical Students)
Pharmacology 512 Neurotransmitter function (graduate course)

Clinical Teaching

Phase ll (medical students) bedside clinical neurology teaching sessions

Phase lll (medical students) bedside clinical neurology teaching sessions

Annual pre-Royal College neurology teaching session for residents in Internal Medicine

Out-patient neurology instruction for neurology residents

Clinical neurology instruction during ward and consultation service rounds

Participation in Grand Medical and Neurology Rounds, oral examinations, OSCE. evaluations

Teaching Innovations

Organize and conduct Basic Neuroscience teaching sessions for Neurology residents (equivalent of a full-year graduate course in Neurobiology). Textbook: Principles of Neural Science, Kandel, Schwartz & Jessel, 4th edition.

Principle Investigator for clinical trials in migraine (Glaxo Canada Inc), Stroke (Genentech Inc.) and (Leo Laboratories) -recruited Neurology residents as co-investigators and participants.


Research Interests

Central nervous system control of cardiovascular function:  Neurophysiological analysis and anatomical characterization of central autonomic pathways.  Neurotransmitter ‑ neuropeptide interactions.

 Parkinson's disease:  Quantification of motor function including tremor and rigidity in Parkinson's Disease.

 Neurodegeneration:  Mechanisms of excitotoxicity and neurotransmitter function in the basal forebrain. Amyloid β-protein and Alzheimer=s disease.

Grant Reviewer for Medical Research Council of Canada, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Canadian Diabetic Association, Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation, Wellcome Trust (United Kingdom), National Science Association (USA), BC Healthcare Research Foundation.

Clinical Trials

Glaxo Canada Inc. - A double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel group study of a second 100mg oral dose of GR43275C (sumatriptan) in the treatment of acute migraine attack and of a further 100mg dose in treating headache recurrence. (Sponsor: Glaxo Inc.).  Principal Investigator. 1990-91.

Quantification of rigidity in Parkinson's disease. (Supported through MRC grant to Dr. A. Prochazka).  Co-investigator.  1993-1996.

Thromolytic therapy in acute stroke - Activase Alteplase (tissue plasminogen activator) A0276g Study. (Sponsor: Genentech Inc.). Principal investigator. 1996-1998

Double-blinded placebo controlled study of two dosages of Nadroparin Calcium (Fraxiparine) in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. (Sponsor: Sanofi-Winthrop). Co-investigator. 1996-1997.

A multicentre, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to examine the safety and pharmacokinetics of a single loading dose + multiple maintenance dose infusion regimen of GV150526 in the treatment of patients with a clinical diagnosis of acute stroke. (Sponsor: Glaxo Wellcome). Co-Investigator. 1997.

Tinzaparin in ischemic stroke: Efficacy and safety of Tinzaparin 175 anti-XA IU/KG/Day or 100 Anti-XA IU/KG/Day versus acetylasalicylic acid 300mg/day in treatment of acute ischemic stroke. (Sponsor: Leo Laboratories). Principal Investigator. 1997-1999.

A multicentre, randomized, double-blind trial to compare the efficacy and safety of ZOMIG 2.5mg, Naramig 2.5mg and placebo in the acute treatment of migraine. (Sponsor: Zeneca Pharma Inc). Principal Investigator. 1998-1999.

 Research Interactions

Dr. Teresa Krukoff (Dept of Cell Biology) on central autonomic regulation.

Dr. Arthur Prochazka (Dept of Physiology) on "Quantification of rigidity in Parkinson's Disease." (Funded in part through MRC Program Project grant.)

Dr. W. Colmers (Dept of Pharmacology) on development of patch clamp recordings in human epileptic brain tissue using infrared video microscopy. 

Drs. R.B. Stein (Dept of Physiology), J. Yang (Dept of Physical Therapy) and T. Gordon (Dept of Pharmacology) on motor unit recordings and quantification in spinal cord injured patients.

Dr. C.W. Bourque (Centre for Neuroscience Research, McGill University) on development of an in vitro brain explant preparation to study the effects of amyloid beta-protein on basal forebrain neurons. (Sabbatical leave, 1998-1999).

Dr. R.M. Buijs ( Netherlands Institute for Brain Research) and Dr. V. Goncharuk (Institute for Atherosclerosis, Moscow) on identification and distribution of Neuropeptide FF in the human brain. (Sabbatical leave, 1998-1999).

Dr. A.. Prochazka .  Project on Efficacy of Topiramate on treatment of essential tremor. 

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