Jeanette Gladstone


I'm the Avadh Bhatia Research Fellow at the University of Alberta. I work as part of the high energy group studying accreting compact objects. My focus, at present, however, is the study of ultraluminous X-ray sources, a strangely bright class of objects that are found in other galaxies.

I work with Craig Heinke, Greg Sivakoff and Natasha Ivanova here at the University of Alberta.

Some of the people I am also currently working with are listed below;

Andy Goulding at the Center for Astrophysics at Harvard University,

Tim Roberts & Chris Done at the University of Durham,

Chris Copperwheat at the University of Warwick,

Sean Farrell at the University of Sydney and

Roberto Soria at Curtin University.

(Please do not be offended if i missed you from the list, you will be added shortly).

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