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summer 2005

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I was absolutely spifflicated by the vulgar response to the first edition of blood ink. I had scraped together enough money to print 100 copies, thinking I’d end up with maybe 90 of them sitting in a box in my closet, if I was lucky. Instead we sold out in the first day and a half (if indeed this is possible with a free publication). Two weeks later we could make the next 500 - thanks entirely to a few generous students and profs I won’t embarrass by naming. We’ve had visitors to the website from Armenia & Iqaluit to Manhattan & Uruguay (www.ualberta.ca/~jekerr/). So we came out with a baby summer edition just ‘cause - half as big but just as good. You’ll find ghosts & dolls & cars, writing on writing and a few other creepy things.

In other words: like what you’re reading? PayPal us in a moment of plenteousness, or find your nearest friendly neighbourhood editor and give them a handful of change to keep copies coming. Each copy’s nearly $2 from start to finish, pure paper & ink & promotion. Would you be reading this now if we’d made you pay for it? But since we aren’t currently monied by the student’s union or other campus plutocrats, perhaps you should ponder it. Particularly if you are a plutocrat.

Fall edition’s on its way, the submission deadline is November 21st and we need your submissions - yes, you. We’re desperate for them. The money thing always works itself out somehow. But no submissions equals no journal. If you really need a reason to write for us, you can kid yourself into thinking it’s more elitist than The Gateway.


Jarvis Black

Maria Chen

Natalie Helberg

Caroline MacDonald

Magda Piwowarczyk

Short Fiction

Jesse Meade-Clift Ghost

Matthew Weigel Dreams of Evelyn

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