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spring 2005

Well, here it is, the first ever issue of blood ink - I hope you'll find it worth reading. It began with the idea to find new student's writing that echoed what Federico Garcia Lorca said of Neruda - that he wrote poems "closer to blood than ink." Pieces that make you feel someone else's experience more intensely than you feel your own - & then your own changes because of it. I hope you'll find at least one of these 14 writers to feel so strongly about, whether it's the lighter pieces or the heavy, the experimental or conventional. I think all of them deserve to be more widely read, and hopefully this will be a small step towards that. We'd love to hear what you think by email, whether good or bad. If you want to be involved, or think you could do better, we are already accepting submissions for our Summer 2005 issue.

Writer Biographies

Short Fiction
Ritchie - Lwam Ghebrehariat
Obsession - Jacqueline McHugh
The Pearl-Makers - Stacey Sokolan
Karl Marx & the Art of Serving Espresso - Julie Smith

Maria Chen in truth.... | Miss July-to-be... | it's strange...
Mike Garvie In My Pocket | Passage | Fresh Air
Travis Grant Our Winter
m.g. grey Peter Pan | threeminuteslate | fragment-land follows
Susan Larcombe Immaculate | Gravity | these envelopes our bodies
Chelsea Novak Dreamscape
Greg Overguard Traces
glenN robsoN Hours and Threads | The Contortionists
Ashraf Rushdy verse
Tess Tickner Heavy | Partially Full | Self-Inflicted

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