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having no paper copies left
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the opposite of minimalism

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blood ink is a literary journal published quarterly by students at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It began with the idea to find new student's writing that makes you feel someone else's experience more intensely than you feel your own. The name is intended to echo what Federico Garcia Lorca said of Pablo Neruda - that he wrote poems "closer to blood than ink." There is a focus toward providing a venue for undergraduate and graduate students in the university's creative writing program, but anyone is welcome to submit stories, poems, essays or other writing. All back issues are currently sold out, but you can still look at some of them online, perhaps looking even better than their orginal photo-statted glory. You could print one of your own for mom on nicer paper. We are always looking for volunteer staff to help with almost everything. Further information is available from the very lazy editors Elliot Kerr, Mark Woytiuk, Eleni Loutas and-or Alexandra Bailey at