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(Last updated: January 2024)


John G.H. Dunn


Professor Emeritus


Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation

Area of Study:

Sport Psychology





Golf can be such a tricky game!


Note: I retired from the University of Alberta in September, 2022. I am no longer teaching classes nor am I taking graduate students.




A Brief Selection of My Publications


Dunn, J.G.H., Cunningham, N.J.W, & Holt, N.L. (in press). Practitioner guidelines for using movie clips for team building in sport. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action. https://doi.org/10.1080/21520704.2023.2211527


Dunn, J.G.H. (2023). Reflections on 20 years studying multidimensional perfectionism in sport. In A.P. Hill (Ed.), The psychology of perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise (2nd ed., pp. 353-376). Routledge. 


Dunn, J.G.H. Gotwals, J.K., Causgrove Dunn, J., & Lizmore, M.R. (2022). Perceived parental pressure and perceived coach pressure in adolescent and adult sport. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 59, 102100. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.psychsport.2021.102100


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Dunn, J.G.H., Gotwals, J. K., Causgrove Dunn, J., & Lizmore, M. R. (2020). Perfectionism, pre-competitive worry, and optimism in high-performance youth athletes. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 18, 749-763. https://doi.org/10.1080/1612197X.2019.1577900


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Dunn, J.G.H., Causgrove Dunn, J., Gamache, V., & Holt, N.L. (2014). A person-oriented examination of perfectionism and slump-related coping in female intercollegiate volleyball players. International Journal of Sport Psychology, 45, 298-324.

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Dunn, J. G. H., & Holt, N. L. (2003). Collegiate ice hockey players’ perceptions of the delivery of an applied sport psychology program. The Sport Psychologist, 17, 351-368.


Applied Sport Psychology Work

Since 1995 I have worked with a number of high-performance athletes and sports teams as a performance psychology consultant. Until 2002 the majority of my applied work was at the intercollegiate level with the sports of men’s ice hockey and women’s field hockey. However, over the last 20 years I have spent the majority of my time working with elite national/international and professional athletes. I have had opportunities to work with the Canadian women’s field hockey team, the Canadian men’s and women’s biathlon teams, the Canadian men’s alpine ski team, the Canadian men’s water polo team, and several NHL teams. My primary focus has been with Team Koe (Canadian men’s curling). This work has given me opportunities to “ply my trade” at major international events throughout the world including the Pan Am Games, World Championships, and Winter Olympics. I also have had opportunities to conduct performance psychology seminars with various branches of the military, law enforcement agencies, Own the Podium, and the Canadian Olympic Committee.




“Cooling Off” after winning the 1998/99 CIAU hockey national championship in Saskatoon. I’m the guy taking the Gatorade shower. (The players responsible for this little prank paid for their actions on the bus-trip home later that evening! The finger seen pointing in the bottom right hand corner of the photo belonged to a notorious member of “the Ghetto”--a Golden Bear Hockey subculture that occupied a dark corner of the dressing room at Clare Drake Arena.)




Team Koe/Alberta/Canada. 2010 World Curling Champions

The best thing about working with athletes is that they start as “your clients”, then they become “your team” and if you are lucky they sometimes become “your friends.” My 4-year journey with my friends (Kevin Koe, Blake MacDonald, Carter Rycroft, and Nolan Thiessen) ended with the team winning the 2010 Brier in Halifax followed by victory at the 2010 World Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy).




Team Koe/Alberta/Canada. 2016 World Curling Champions

(Left to right: Scott Pfeifer, Kevin Koe, Marc Kennedy, Brent Laing, Ben Hebert, Me)


“The 2019 version of Team Koe”

Team Koe after winning the 2019 Canadian Brier Championship in Brandon, MB.

(Kevin Koe, BJ Neufeld, Colton Flasch, Ben Hebert, Ted Appelman, Me)