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Critical Concepts-an introduction to politics
1999, 2002, 2005, 2009
Edited by Janine Brodie
Pearson Education, Canada, 2001

Now in its fourth edition, this popular collection of essays provides a multi-faceted introduction to the fundamentals of political science, engaging students in enduring and contemporary political debates, and exploring the conceptual shifts and uncertainties of the contemporary era.


The Political Economy of Canadian Regionalism
: Janine Brodie
Publisher: Toronto ; Orlando : Harcourt Brace Jovanovich,Canada, c1990

This book develops an innovative interpretation of the political economy regional politics and regional identities in Canada. In contrast to environmental and cultural explanations of regionalism, the book argues that state development strategies or national policies have been profoundly spatial, shaping both the contours of uneven development and regional politics in Canada. 


Crisis, Challenge, and Change: Party and Class in Canada Revisited
Authors: Janine Brodie and Jane Jenson
Publisher: Carleton University Press, Ottawa, Canada, 1991

In Crisis, Challenge, and Change: Party and Class in Canada Revisited, Janine Brodie and Jane Jenson provide a revised and updated account of the unique relationship between party and class in Canada. The authors link the evolution of the federal party system to changes in the Canadian political economy, class structure and political movements from Confederation to the present.


Politics on the boundaries: Restructuring and the Canadian women's movement
Author: Janine Brodie
Publisher: Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University, North York, Ontario, 1994

Delivered as the Eighth Annual Robarts Lecture in Canadian Studies, this monograph explores the erosion of the Keynesian welfare state in the early 1990s and explains “what is at stake” for Canadian women and the women’s movement as Canadian governments advance restructuring or neoliberal discourses and practices.


Reinventing Canada: Politics of the 21st Century
Editors: Janine Brodie and Linda Trimble

Publisher: Prentice Hall, Toronto, 2003

Comprised of 23 articles by leading Canadian scholars, Reinventing Canada: Politics of the 21st Century provides a comprehensive supplementary text for Canadian politics courses. The articles in this compilation discuss the major issues that define Canada's current political culture, including globalization, race, disability, immigration, environment and foreign policy.


Remapping Gender in the New Global Order
Editors: Marjorie Griffin-Cohen and Janine Brodie
Publisher: Routledge, New York, 2007

This book analyses changes in gender relations, as a result of globalization, in countries on the semi-periphery of power. Semi-periphery refers to those nations which are not drivers of change globally, but have enough economic and political security to have some power in determining their own responses to global forces.


Where Are the Women? Gender Equity, Budgets and Canadian Public Policy
Authors: Janine Brodie and Isabella Bakker
Publisher: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Ottawa, 2008

Contemporary Canadian fiscal and social policy reforms have been accompanied by the progressive disappearance of the gendered subject, both in discourse and practice. Indeed, the minority Conservative government of Stephen Harper has gone so far as to declare that the goal of gender equity has been achieved in Canada. However, as Brodie and Bakker argue in Where are the Women? not only has the goal of gender equality not been met but the relentless attack on federal social programs over the past decade has actually undermined gender equity, as well as the well-being of Canadian women, especially the most vulnerable.


Women and Canadian Public Policy
Editor: Janine Brodie
Publisher: Harcourt Brace and Company Canada Limited, 1996

This path-breaking collection draws together essays from top policy experts from economics, political science, law and sociology to explore the profound and varied ways in which public policies shape gender identities and the everyday politics of gender in Canada.


Women and the Politics in Canada
Author: Janine Brodie
Publisher: McGraw Hill Ryerson Limited, Toronto, 1985

Women and Politics in Canada examines the characteristics and careers of more than three hundred women candidates seeking minucipal, provincial and federal political office in Canada in the thirty years from 1945 to 1975.

The first comprehensive study of women politicians in Canada, the study challenges the conventional wisdom about the absence of women in politics and identifies many of the concrete obstacles that prevent women from achieving public office.


Politics on the Margins
Author: Janine Brodie
Fernwood Publishing, 1995

This book explores the relationship between state forms and the public face of the first and second wave of the women’s movement in Canada. It argues that the shift from a social liberal to a neoliberal state in the last decades of the twentieth century has marginalized the women’s movement and delegitimized equality-seeking claims-making in Canadian politics.









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