Jane Dianne Samson

Address: Department of History and Classics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2H4
Email: jane.samson@ualberta.ca
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PhD (History), 1994. University of London, UK. Thesis: "`Protective Supremacy': The Royal Navy, Pacific Islanders and the Limits of Benevolence, 1829-1859."
MA (History), 1986. University of Victoria, Canada. Thesis: "Ex Aequo et Bono: Lord Mansfield and Commercial Law."
BA (Classical Studies and History), 1983. University of Victoria, Canada. Double major with distinction.



Assistant Professor, Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1998-present.
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London, 1997-1998.
Caird Research Fellow, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, 1996-97.
Killam Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. 1994-96.
Lecturer, Birkbeck College, University of London, 1992-93.


Courses taught:

HIST 112, The modern world
HIST 229, Britain and its peoples in the modern era
HIST 232, Ireland from early times to the present day
HIST 339, The second British empire and the Commonwealth experience
HIST 344, British exploration and culture contact
HIST 429, Evangelical Britain
HIST 490, The exploration and colonisation of Australia
HIST 605, The historiography of the British empire
HIST 646, The exploration and colonisation of Australia


Recent publications:

Race and Empire, Seminar Studies in History (London: Longman, 2004). Editor, British imperial strategies in the Pacific, 1750-1900 (Aldershot: Ashgate Press, 2003).

Editor, The British Empire, Oxford Readers Series (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001).

Editor with Alan Frost, Pacific Empires: Essays in Honour of Glyndwr Williams (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press and Vancouver: UBC Press, 1999).

Imperial Benevolence: Making British Authority in the Pacific Islands (Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press and London: Curzon Press, 1998).

"Landscapes of Faith: British Missionary Tourism in the South Pacific" in Gareth Griffiths and Jamie W. Scott, eds. Mixed Messages: Materiality, Textuality, Missions (New York: Palgrave, in press).

"Are you what you believe?" in A.J. Ballantyne, ed., Orientalism to Ornamentalism: history, difference, empire, special issue of Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 3:1 (2002) http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/journal_of_colonialism_and_colonial_history/v003/ 3.1samson.html.

"Ethnology and Theology: Nineteenth-Century Mission Dilemmas in the South Pacific" in Brian Stanley, ed., Christian Missions and the Enlightenment (London: Curzon Press, 2001), pp. 99-122.

"Too Zealous Guardians? The Royal Navy and the south Pacific Labour Trade" in David Killingray and David Omissi, eds., Guardians of Empire (Manchester: University of Manchester Press, 1999), pp. 70-90.

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"British Voices and Indigenous Rights: Debating Aboriginal Legal Status in Nineteenth-Century Australia and Canada", Cultures of the Commonwealth 2 (1996-97), pp. 5-16.

"Rescuing Fijian Women? The British Anti-Slavery Proclamation of 1852", Journal of Pacific History 30:1 (1995), pp. 22-38.

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"Lord Mansfield and Negotiable Instruments," Dalhousie Law Journal 11:3 (1988), pp. 931-945.



Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, elected 1998.
Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, elected 1994.
Member of the British Association for Australian Studies, the Canadian Nautical Research Society, the Hakluyt Society, the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, the Institute of Historical Research, the International Commission for Maritime History, the North American Conference on British Studies, the Pacific History Association, the Pacific Circle, and the Society for Nautical Research.


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