MSc and PhD Projects in theoretical studies of interacting stars.

Attention: for admissions for Fall 2024 only supervision can be offered for those who hold an independent fellowship. I have no financial support available.

Topics include 3d hydrodynamical simulations of stellar intercations (common envelope events) and mass transfer theory and computations.

Nowadays, there is no theoretical astrophysics that would not use numerical simulations. As such, all projects require both computational and analytic skills. Thorough physics and math background, knowledge of numerical methods and computer literacy are necessary. Astrophysical background is expected: you will be required to take Astro 565 (Stellar Astrophysics II), PHYS 595 part 1 (theoretical astrophysics, consists of theoretical approximations, astrophysical fluid dynamics and radiative processes), PHYS 595 part 2 (extragalactic astronomy, also consists of 3 parts including high-energy astrophysics) and statistical mechnaics (required physics core subject course). As experience shows, one is not likely to pass these courses if does not have a 3d year equivalent astrophysical courses taken before. Some initial knowledge of linux and latex is recommended, as those will be your daily tools. You will be required to work with fortan-based MPI codes, though your data processing routines can be written in anything else (python, IDL, ...).

Contact me at if you are interested in working on one of those topics. It is highly recommended to contact me as early as possible for applicants consideration for various fellowships, i.e. contact me before Devember 1st. It is not likely I accept a student who did not contact me before submitting an application. Make sure you describe your previous expertise in theoretical astrophysics and computations.


- admissions directly to PhD program are, in general, very rare at our department. Specifically, for a PhD admission to work with me, you need to show that you taken courses equivalent to Master level astrophysics courses, and have accompilshed an MSc thesis level research project, either in astrophysics (in the area preferably close to stellar astrophysics or radiation hydrodynamics) or in computational hydrodynamics.

- I will conduct an interview to evaluate your knowledge in astrophysics and computations. This is why it is important to contact me ASAP. The level of interview will depend upon you applying to MSc program or PhD program.

- No, I never supervise a research project that you want to carry. Nor I ever supervise a project in cosmology, observations, condense matter, par√łticle physics, etc.