Astro 465: Stellar Astrophysics II (winter 2012)

This page will be updated. Information here can be not final, the final syllabus will be given in class on Jan 9th.

Special note for 3d year undergraduate students: please think twice before you enroll in this course. The course requires advanced ability to set up and solve problems. Students are usually trained in this by the end of their 4th year, 3d year students have showed before bad performance. This is not about the formal list of pre-requisite courses, its about your overal training as a physicist and your expereince with solving complex physical problems. This is not a pretty-astro-pictures based course.

Lecture notes are not guaranteed. I will attempt to provide most of them onine here, but you should make a fair effort to make your own notes or cooperate with classmates in case you are absent. I will be not giving out any notes in addition to the posted below.
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