I am passionate about making cities accessible and pleasant experiences for all. I believe that a well-integrated, safe, and convenient multi-modal transport system is a key ingredient of a successful and liveable city.

As the Vice-Chair of the Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board, I aspire to work towards precisely that - a safe and convenient transit system that is a preferred choice for Edmontonians, and that meshes nicely with walking, cycling, and other forms of transportation. Besides my work on the board, I also like to talk about cycling and bike share as crucial components of a healthy and welcoming urban environment.

General Transit & Urbanism

  • I serve as the Vice-Chair of the ETS Advisory Board, contributing research, writing reports and letters, and chairing subcommittees, such as the First & Last Kilometre and Communications Subcommittees.
  • I am a former volunteer-and-social-media-associate-turned-board-member of Paths for People, a not-for-profit that advocates for a more walkable and bikeable city, where I helped with outreach, board work, and putting on events.
  • Two examples: I worked Paths for People's booth at Cycle in the City, and was a table facilitator at A City for Life 2018, an event with 30+ invited attendees from City Council, City Administration, and advocacy. PS: I met Janette Sadik-Khan there.
  • I hold a Certificate in Management of Urban Infrastructures from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne via Coursera.

Bike Share

I believe that a bike share system can help more citizens and visitors access the joy, health benefits, and versatility of urban cycling without having to own a bike, or worrying where to lock it up safely. I believe that bike sharing should be considered an integral piece of a transit ecosystem. So I read reports and research from other places that have tried bike sharing, and I go and talk about it.