I am passionate about making cities accessible and pleasant experiences for all. I believe that a well-integrated, safe, and convenient multi-modal transport system is a key ingredient of a successful and liveable city.

As the Vice-Chair of the Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board (ETSAB), I aspire to work towards precisely that: a safe and convenient transit system that is a preferred choice for Edmontonians, and that meshes nicely with walking, cycling, and other forms of transportation.

Year of the Bike? I'll bet bike share could change the game in Edmonton.

Elise Stolte wrote a piece on bike share, for which I was interviewed.

Panel Discussion: Time for Bikeshare.

I participated in a panel discussion on bike share operations, equity, and benefits. Time for #Bikeshare: Come Demand #YEG Gets in Gear Get yourself to @StationOnJasper on Dec 5. for an expert panel with @mattworona @tylergolly and @isabellhubert. Add your voice. No more stalling. Sponsored by @DBAyeg @oldstrathcona #yegbike #yegwalk #yegtransit 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲 pic.twitter.com/K6AyNMQxzU — Tim Querengesser (@timquerengesser) November 22, 2018 Panel discussion on bike share tonight. Say already 3 companies have come to #yegcc saying: “We can deliver this for free.

CJSR Bike Bits: Sharing Bikes

I participated in a radio panel on bike share programs, with Kieran Ryan and Tim Querengesser.

United Nations Urban Thinkers Campus: Bike Share

My team pitched a bike share program for Edmonton as something that would contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.