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R Reading Group Resources

Please note that these resources were primarily intended for the reading group, so that you as a proficient user of LaTeX and/or R might not get that much from them. They might be rooted in discussions we had at our meetings, etc. etc. For that reason, they might to be too specific at times, and too general at other times.

Having said that, I do think that these resources might still come in handy for beginners or intermediate users of R and/or LaTeX.

  • The R Reading Group's Introduction to LaTeX (13 July 2015)  pdf
  • A Short Introduction to the sprintf() Function (22 July 2015)  pdf

LaTeX Resources

Praat Resources

  • GetTimePoints  praat script - This script loops through all Sound and TextGrid files in a directory, outputting the duration of each file and the time stamp of all points in a specified point tier to a tab-delimited text file.


  • Check this for tips on how to make your academic poster suck less.
  • If you are organizing a poster session, give this a read.