Dark Forces in Language Comprehension: The Case of Neuroticism and Disgust in a Pupillometry Study

We report on initial findings from a pupillometry study that investigated the influence of two extra-linguistic variables, namely **Neuroticism** and **Disgust Sensitivity**, on auditory language comprehension in adults. Results suggest that: (1) …

Structure and Meaning: (Some) Recent Research in Syntax & ~Semantics

Guest lecture in LING 101 (*Introduction to Linguistic Analysis*) on how the comprehension of meaning and structure is influenced by context and prior knowledge.

It’s Personal and Disgusting: Extra-Linguistic Information in Language Comprehension

Our results suggest that extra-linguistic variables pertaining to the listener's identity influence language processing.

Let’s Get Personal: Does your Personality Affect how you Understand Language?

The Influence of Individual Personality Differences in Language Comprehension.

Our results suggest that both a listener's personality and a speaker's perceived identity have an influence on automated language comprehension processes, and that these nonlinguistic aspects may affect the anticipation of upcoming information.

Extralinguistic Information in Language Comprehension: The Influence of Individual Personality Differences.

Extra-Linguistic Information in Language Processing: The Influence of Listener Personality on Sentence Comprehension. [Work in Progress]

Training & Quality Assessment of an OCR Model for Northern Haida.

We presented our work on the creation of the first optical character recognition (OCR) model for Northern Haida, also known as Masset or Xaad Kil, a nearly extinct First Nations language spoken in the Haida Gwaii archipelago in British Columbia, …

The Syntax of Standard German and the Problems it Causes to German Learners of English.

Guest lecture in Dr. Marina Blekher's LING 204 (English Syntax).

Turns Out: You can *See* Syntax.

Guest lecture in Dr. Andrea Wilhelm's LING 204 (English Syntax).