Hi there! Nice to meet you.

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Alberta, focusing on Experimental Psycholinguistics. In my doctoral dissertation, I use experimental research combined with advanced statistical modelling to investigate the influence of an individual's personality on language comprehension. I am interested in how humans understand the world, and in data analysis and visualization - some of the most powerful tools of communication, research, and progress at our disposal.

After completing internship placements with the City of Edmonton and the Government of Alberta, I am currently teaching LING 101 as a principal instructor.

In my free time, I am a passionate urbanism advocate, serving as the newly appointed Vice-Chair of the ETS Advisory Board, and being a former board member of Paths for People.

I am many things

I am:
  • focused, versatile, and curious
  • highly organized
  • accurate and focused on detail
  • capable of and interested in solving complex problems
I love:
  • looking for (and finding!) solutions to problems
  • streamlining a workflow or process
  • learning more
  • data-based decisionmaking
  • me a well-integrated, safe, and convenient multi-modal transport system!


I am interested in how humans comprehend language, and proficient in various research and experiment techniques, scripting, and software. My goal is for my dissertation to be a multi-modal investigation of the influence of individual differences in language comprehension. While it isn't entirely finished yet, there have been some talks and presentations on the matter.


I am passionate about making cities accessible and pleasant experiences for all. I believe that a well-integrated, safe, and convenient multi-modal transport system is a key ingredient of a successful and liveable city. I try to work towards these values as the Vice-Chair of the Edmonton Transit System Advisory Board, which researches various transit topics and advises City Council on transit-related matters. I also like to talk about cycling and bike share as crucial components of a healthy and welcoming urban environment.

data! knowledge! learning!

I am always interested in learning more, and am currently pursuing the Data Scientist with R Career Track on DataCamp in my free time to hone my data analysis skills. I also occasionally text mine my favourite shows.

My skills

  • statistics/data analysis R, RStudio, Tableau, modelling, dataviz, ggplot
  • academic praat, E-Prime, OpenSesame, DmDX, LATEX
  • office Microsoft Office Suite, Open/LibreOffice, google suite
  • programming Python, SQL, MySQL, bash/terminal/console
  • web design (X)HTML, HTML5, CSS3
  • OS's Unix (Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware), Windows, Mac
  • misc Get Things Done/GTD (Nirvana), Kanban (Trello), Markdown, prezi

So that's me.

Thank you for visiting!