There are numerous web-based resources to aid in the understanding and implementation of qualitative research. Here are just a few that we find particularly useful. These sites also provide links to a number of other qualitative methodology sites
International Journal of Qualitative Methods
Sage Publications Qualitative Series
Action Research International -- refereed online journal of action research
Action Research links -- from the University of Colorado at Denver School of Education
Action Research on the Web -- from the University of Sydney
The Anthropological Index of the Royal Anthropological Institute
Association for Qualitative Research (Australia)
Association for Qualitative Reseach (Britain) -- strong focus on market research
Atlas.ti -- qualitative data analysis software
Center for Action Research in Professional Practice -- University of Bath School of Management
Center for the Ethnography of Everyday Life -- University of Michigan
Collaborative Action Research Network
East of Scotland Network for Qualitative Inquiry, Research and Education
Ethno/CA News
Field Methods Journal -- formerly Cultural Anthropology Methods
Forum: Qualitative Social Research -- a multilingual online journal for qualitative research
The Grounded Theory Institute --dedicated to the work of Dr.Barney Glaser
HyperResearch -- data analysis software
International Institute for Human Understanding
International Human Science Research newsletter
ISWORLD -- qualitative research in information systems
Introduction to Grounded Theory
Multiple Methods -- from Abbas Tashakkori, co-author of Mixed Methodology: Combining qualitative and quantitative approaches. (Thousands Oaks, CA: Sage.)
Narrative Psychology
National Institute of Health Cultural and Qualitative Research Interest Group
Participatory Action Research Network
Phemonenology Online -- Dr. Max van Manen's guide to phenomenological research on the web
Qualitative Interest Group -- at University of Georgia
Qualitative Methods Workbook -- by George Boeree
Qualitative Research and Consulting
Qualitative Research Consultants Organization
Qualitative Research email lists
Qualitative Research Page-- from Bobbi Kerlins
Research Methods Knowledge Base -- by Bill Trochim
QSR Software -- the makers of NVivo and NUD*IST
Resourses in Ethnographic Studies -- from the Library of Congress
The Qualitative Report -- a peer reviewed, online journal