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Insider Insights

Practical Tips & Techniques for Qualitative Researchers

With this issue of IJQM we introduce a new, regular feature - brief, practical articles that present innovative approaches to data collection, the use of new technologies, strategies for gaining access to hard-to-reach populations, and many other topics not typically discussed in published studies.  This column is intended to provide researcher-to-researcher advice on new trends, recurring problems, or day-to-day issues in conducting qualitative research.

Dr. Jude Spiers, the new North American editor of IJQM, presents our inaugural piece: “Technology tips: Using video management/analysis technology in qualitative research”.  As you will see, the style we have chosen for the column is conversational - speaking from one researcher to another - and intended to provide guidance on the choices researchers must make in designing, implementing and managing qualitative work.  Where photos, screen captures, or sounds can enhance the piece - to illustrate the small size of a recording device, or the benefits of split-screen technology in a software package - we will encourage authors to provide these as well.

As the editor of this new feature, I would encourage you to contact me ­ to submit an article (approx. 1000-1500 words), to provide topic suggestions for upcoming issues, or just to provide general feedback on this new addition to IJQM.  I look forward to hearing from you - and hope you enjoy the first installment of “Insider Insights”.

Lisa M. Given
Associate Editor, IJQM
Editor, Insider Insights