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Academic History

1993: Ph.D., Stanford University
  Dissertation: New National Narratives for a New World Order: ContemporaryPostcolonial Fiction from Canada and the North of Ireland. Supervisor: Regenia Gagnier
1988: B.A. (Honors), University of Alberta

Teaching and Research Interests

Postcolonial fiction and theory; feminist studies; cultural studies; queer theory; contemporary African, Canadian and Northern Irish literature; the Troubles

Major Awards

1999 Rutherford Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Faculty of Arts Teaching Award
1996-99 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Research Grant
1993-94 Harriet Winspear-Sheila Watson Research Fellowship
1988-92 Stanford University Fellowship
1988 Rutherford Memorial Gold Medal in English

Representative Publications

  • "Multiculturalism: Pied Piper of Nationalism (And Joy Kogawa's Ambivalent Antiphony)." Ariel, forthcoming
  • "The Nervous Collusions of Nation and Gender: Tsitsi Dangarembga's Challenge to Fanon." Critical Perspectives on Tsitsi Dangarembga, ed. Jeannette Treiber and Elizabeth Willey. Africa World Press, 2002. 22 ms pp
  • "Daphne Marlatt's Ana Historic: Queering the Postcolonial Nation." Ariel 30.2 (April 1999): 161-175.
  • "The Limits of Sisterhood." In Search of April Raintree: Critical Edition. Ed. Cheryl Suzack and Catherine Lennox. Winnipeg: Peguis Press, 1999. 323-337.
  • "Between Mater and Matter: Radical Novels by Republican Women." Reclaiming Gender: Transgressive Identities in Modern Ireland. Ed. Marilyn Cohen and Nancy Curtin. New York: St Martin’s Press, 1999.
  • "Homosexuality in Zimbabwe." Encyclopedia of Lesbian and Gay Histories and Cultures. Ed. George Haggerty. New York: Garland Publishing, 2000.
  • "Gendered Troubles: Refiguring ‘Woman’ in Northern Ireland." Genders 19 (1994): 198-222.
  • "Canadian Women of Colour: Marlene Nourbese Philip, Beatrice Culleton and Joy Kogawa Fight Their Way Home." Canadian Women Writing Fiction. Ed. Mickey Pearlman. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1993. 142-154.

Editorial Boards

Work in Progress

  • Recuperative Terror: Stereotypes of the Irish Terrorist (book manuscript).
  • "Where's Postcolonialism's Feminism?" Co-written with Nima Naghibi and Cheryl Suzack.
  • "Marauding Lesbians." Co-written with Maureen Engel. Invited contribution to Aberrant Women. Ed. Carol Osborne.

Teaching Experience

Junior Courses
  Critical Thinking/Critical Writing; English for Engineers
Senior Undergraduate Courses
  Introduction to Literary Theory; Introduction to Postcolonial Literatures; Introduction to Contemporary African Literatures
Fourth-year Seminars
  Millennial L.A.; Postcolonial Feminisms; Nationalisms/Feminisms/Postcolonialisms; Postcolonialism/Postmodernism; Contemporary Irish Women's Literature
Honors Tutorials/Directed Readings
  Postcolonial Women Writers; Postcolonial Canadian Women Writers; Dionne Brand; Contemporary Irish Women Writers; Lesbians of Color; Food in Postcolonial Writing; South Asian Canadian Writing.
Graduate Seminars
  North/South Flashpoints; Recuperative Terror; Sex and Culture (module-style seminar); Mobilizing Postcolonial Feminisms; Colonial/Postcolonial Stereotypes (module-style seminar); Theory of Pedagogy (7-week proseminar)
Teaching at Stanford University
  Instructor, Innovative Academic Courses: Feminist Cultural Studies; TA: African American Writers, 1970 to the Present; Instructor, Modern Thought and Literature: Introduction to Cultural Studies; Instructor, Innovative Academic Courses: Contemporary Canadian Women Writers; Instructor, Freshman English.

Completed Graduate Supervision

  • Linda Tucker, Ph.D. (English) Lockstep and Dance: Containment and Resistance in African American Men's Lives and Representations of Them (supervisor)
  • Myrl Coulter, M.A. (English) "Postcolonial Rape Narratives" (M.A. Project Reader)
  • Bill Kerr, Ph.D. (English) Brian Friel (committee)
  • Gae Mackwood, Ph.D. (Education) Poststructuralist Pedagogies (committee)
  • Heather Smyth, Ph.D. (English) Creolization and Coalition in Caribbean Feminist Cultural Production (committee)
  • Sherryl Vint, Ph.D. (English) Problematic Selves and Unexpected Others: Technology, Subjectivity, Science Fiction (committee)
  • Guy Beauregard, Ph.D. (English) Asian Canadian Literature (committee)
  • Lisa Grekul, M.A. (Creative Writing) Sing for Me, Kalyna! (committee)
  • Jerry White, M.A. (Film Studies) Irish National Self in the Films of Joe Comerford and Thaddeus O'Sullivan (committee)
  • Margaret McCutcheon, M.A. (English) Irish Women Write 1798 (committee)
  • Len Falkenstein, Ph.D. (English) Renovating the Kitchen: Nation and Nationalism in Irish Drama, 1959-1993 (committee)
  • Apollo Amoko, M.A. (Drama) Casting Aside Colonial Occupation: British Imperial History and Feminist (Re)visions in Cloud Nine and Our Country's Good (committee)
  • Mari Sasano, M.A. (English) "Words Like Buckshot: Hiromi Goto" (M.A. Project Reader)
  • Jane Haslett, M.A. (English) Fabulous Bodies: The Fiction of Jeanette Winterson (supervisor)

Ongoing Graduate Supervision

  • Aimée Morrison, Ph.D. (English) Becoming the Universal Machine: Creating the Personal Computer in 1980s Literary and Popular Culture
  • Shazia Rahman, Ph.D. (English) South Asian Women's Writing and Commodification
  • Nicole Shukin, Ph.D. (English) Imagining Posthuman Communities
  • Maisaa Youssef, Ph.D. (English) Collective Violence, Collective Identities

Ongoing Graduate Committees

  • Mridula Chakraborty, Ph.D. (English) Women of Colour Feminisms
  • Lily Cho, Ph.D. (English) Dim Sum Diasporas: a Cultural Materialist Analysis of Chinese Canadian Restaurants
  • Sarah Cooke, M.A. (English) Multiculturalism and Personal Identity
  • Judy Davidson, Ph.D. (Phys. Ed.) The Gay Games and Cultural Events: A Discourse Analysis
  • Michael Epp, Ph.D. (English) Coining Humor: The Production of Postbellum Humor
  • Duncan Greenlaw, Ph.D. (English) Mourning and Melancholy in Northern Ireland
  • Michèle Gunderson, Ph.D. (English) Locating Bodies in Contemporary Canadian Women's Autobiographies: Contexts, Identities, Agency
  • Cathy Van Ingen, Ph.D. (Phys. Ed.) Reading Resistance as Spatial Practice: The Real-and-Imagined Spaces of the Toronto Front Runners
  • Pauline Wakeham, Ph.D. (English) Taxidermy and Cultural Meanings
  • Jerry White, Ph.D. (Film Studies) The Development of a National Cinema in Quebec and Ireland after 1960

Academic Service

Department: GRA/GTA Supervisor
Undergraduate Programs Advisor
Curriculum Committee
Budget & Program Analysis Committee
Numerous hiring committees
Faculty of Arts: Teaching Committee (Chair)
Ad Hoc Committee on International Studies
Honors Committee
Academic Appeals Committee
Student Orientation Committee
University: University Teaching Awards Committee
General Faculties Executive Council
University Teaching Services Peer Consultation Program
Faculty Representative: Association of Academic Staff
Women's Studies Chair Selection Committee
Public Service: In-school mentor, 1999-2002