Group Members

Graduate (PhD and MSc) Students (supervised and co-supervised)

J. Huang (PhD)

L. Zhang  (PhD)

A. Faghihnejad (PhD)

M. Binazadeh  (PhD)

L. Li (PhD)

C. Shi (PhD)

J.W. Zhang (PhD)

L. Xie (PhD)

M. Wu (PhD)

L.B. Han (PhD)

J.S. Chen (PhD)

X. Cui (PhD)

Q.Y. Peng (PhD)

J. Liu (PhD)

L. Xiang (PhD)

D.W. Yuan (PhD)

Q.Y. Lu (MSc)

H. Lu (MSc)

W.D. Xiao (MSc)

J.M. Li (MSc)

M.B. Zhang (MSc)

S. Zhang (MSc)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. J.Y. Wang

Dr. B. Yan

Dr. S. MD Azam

Dr. X.W. Shi

Dr. X. Lu

Dr. M. Reza Poopari

Undergraduate Researcher

A. Palomino

Z. Bai

B. Waskiewich

C. Lu

M. Li

      Visiting graduate students

              M. Zhou  (visiting graduate student)               

              N. Opedal (visiting graduate student)

              S. Kim (visiting graduate student)

              D. Oh (visiting graduate student)               


               J. Xie (Suncor Energy)

               Dr. A. Natarajan  (Syncrude Canada Ltd.)

               Dr. A. Faghihnejad (Nalco Champion)

               Dr. M. Binazadeh  (Assistant Professor)

               F. Teng (Current employer: Jacobs Engineering)

               J. Wang (Current employer: National Oilwell Varco)

               W. Liu (Current employer: PetroChina)

        L.W. Zhang (Local chemical company)

        B.J. Zhang  (Local chemical company)

        Y.G. Ji (Local engineering company) 

        S.S. Wang (Research Assistant)

        Y.X. Liu (Research Assistant)

         Y. Fu (Local engineering company)

        A. Kusuma (Local engineering company)

        Dr. F. Cai (Associate Professor)

        Dr. S. MD Azam (Assistant Professor)

        Dr. Z. Liao (Associate Professor)

        Y.J. Xie (PhD student, UCSD)

        Dr. Z.Z. Lu (Postdoc)

        Dr. D.Z. Yang (Schlumberger Limited)

        Dr. Q. Lu (local chemical company)

        Dr. H.S. Yu (Postdoc)



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