Life on Aeonian Dreams can be rough if you don't learn your way around the world. Getting familiar with important areas should probably be your first priority. The newbie academy, north of town, is one of the first places you should visit. In there, you will get familiar with the game's combat system, and questing system.

      Many of the guildmasters in town will offer you jobs. Taking jobs is a great way to get familiar with the world, as they will often require you to visit other cities to deliver packages, purchase exotic items, and talk to mysterious people. After you have visited the newbie academy, taking a few jobs would probably be a very wise decision.

      If you are a tradesman, you would probably be best off working on commission for Selena (the tailor) or Dunwick (the smith). They pay reasonably for your services, and give you the chance to hone your skills.

      If you are adventure-oriented, there are many places one can explore. The sewers is a great place to start for aspiring adventurers. Many dangerous creatures live underneath the city, and where there are creatures, there is treasure.

      Magic-user characters may often find it difficult starting off. Try to save enough money to do some spell researching. Not only will this give you new spells to cast, it will also earn your experience. Combat for low-level mages might be difficult, since they are often frail and easily wounded. A young, aspiring magic user might be best off selling his or her services as an enchanter, or perhaps as a courier for many of the people in town who needs job done for them. Guildmasters are good people to talk to about jobs.