Make your own spells: Aeonian Dreams is very distinct, in that it offers players the ability to research and name their own spells. We have no pre-designed spells you gain through practices. Instead, you get to spend time at the library researching arcane formulae that let you harness the magicks however you wish.

Trade skills

With these scissors…: Sick of hack‘n'slash? Feet sore from exploring to world? Want to settle down and have a nice, warm, home-cooked meal every night? Well, pick up that needle and thread! Aeonian Dreams currently offers the ability to smith weapons and armors, and tailor clothes of various types. We plan to expand, and offer a very interactive mining, harvesting, farming, and construction systems – among other things.
Get ready to... rock: Head to the mountains, where you can set up your own mine and start digging for ore. Smelt it down into raw metal, and you can handle the creation of items from starting, unrefined ore to finished product.


Player-run shops: Been dungeon-delving? Or perhaps you've just finished smithing a magnificent suit of full plate mail. Purchase a merchant's booth to display your wares and make a living.


Size matters: weapon damage and speed is a direct function of an item's size and weight. You should take into account your physical statistics when choosing your weapons. Dexterous characters will often fare best with light, nimble weapons whereas strong characters will bust skulls up well with heavy mauls and axes. A well-rounded character would probably do best with medium-weight weapons, such as maces, bastard swords, and battle axes.
Death from afar: Aeonian Dreams offers ranged combat for the aspiring huntsmen, assassins, and cowards who does not like getting hurt.
Take a stance: Combat styles will greatly alter your abilities in fighting. Being versed in one or more combat style definitely could not hurt.
Don't burden yourself: carrying lots of weight will burden you in combat, making you slower to attack and easier to hit. If you plan on doing some serious melee, pack lightly.