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Craig Heinke

Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
University of Alberta
CCIS 4-183
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E1

phone: (780) 248-1432
email: heinke $at$ ualberta.ca
fax: (780) 492-0714
Office: CCIS 2-109 (north side, 2nd floor)

Research Opportunities


I often have several small research projects appropriate for undergraduate students, typically involving the analysis of X-ray (or optical, or infrared) data on Unix/Linux/Mac type computers. Several of my undergraduates' research projects have resulted in papers published in refereed journals (see the "Group News" link above), though this is not guaranteed.

For local students: Physics 499 projects are courses where the student gains experience with research and presentation, required for honours degrees in physics. I also occasionally have funding for paid summer research opportunities, via the physics department; see Undergrad Research Opportunities. To apply for summer research spots, visit or email me by mid-January at the latest. I won't be able to take summer students in summer 2020.

For undergraduates at foreign institutions; There are several programs that fund students to do summer internships at the U of Alberta. This page: Visiting Student Research Internships gives details. Note that the deadlines are early, in September to mid-October for Mitacs and UARE.

Graduate Students

I have openings for grad students in some years, at either the MSc or PhD level (depending on acceptance to the U of Alberta, which I can't guarantee). Please see my Research page, and/or my list of refereed publications (list linked on my home page), to get an idea of the topics which I can supervise. Typical projects generally involve observations of neutron stars and/or X-ray binaries using observatories operating in the X-ray (my specialty), optical, infrared, ultraviolet, or radio regimes. I will not have the capacity to take on new graduate students in 2020.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Occasionally the stellar astrophysics group may be able to fund postdoctoral researchers; typically we advertise this on the AAS Job Register. If interested, please contact myself or the other group members: Prof. Rodrigo Fernandez, Prof. Natalia Ivanova, Prof. Sharon Morsink, Prof. Prof. Dmitri Pogosian, Prof. Erik Rosolowsky, or Prof. Gregory Sivakoff.

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