Lynx Project - Current Field Season Photos - Click for Video

This is our first female lynx, F0208, collared on the Canada Lynx Project. She is a 22.5 pound female.

F0208 was collared on November 26, 2008 with a GPS-Argos radiocollar that transmits her movements through the satellite system to the project email

F0208 is not trap shy at all. She has been caught in various project traps 6 times.

Here we are radiocollaring, M0109, a big male that weighs 32 lbs.

This is M0109's release after radiocollaring on February 3, 2009.

M0109 is an older male, still in his prime. He was collared very near F0208's territory.
We believe he is F0208's mate and was likely on his way to pay her a visit.

We caught two 8 month old kittens. They are brother and sister.

M0209 is 10 lbs and F0309 is 8 lbs.

All pictures by S. & G. Yates.