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Undergraduate research awards: Sources of funding


This page contains links to files useful to students in WRS 302: Proposal Writing. In Fall 2011, we will work with three community organizations: Edmonton Organic Grower's Guild (EOGG), Youth Restorative Action Project, and Global Cafe at Jasper Place High School. Students who already have a relationship with a community organization may also choose to write proposals for that organization.

A winning proposal: article about the class


CSL Guidebook and Agreement

Student Agreement Form

 Presentation slides

Presentations on various sub-genres of proposals:

Grant Writing for EFS Graduate Students

Chemistry 419/519: Research Proposals

Writing Genres

Strategies for Writing the ICBC Case Report

Argumentative Moves in SSHRC Grant Writing

Grant proposals: How to write and argue effectively

Style in CIHR OOGP Grant Applications

The Argumentative Strategies of CIHR OOGP Grant Writing





Sources of funding

CharityVillage: Sources of Funding

Welcome to FoundationSearch Canada

Canadian Donor's Guide

Evergreen (EOGG)

Social Enterprise Council of Canada

Grant writing advice

Imagine Canada

Reasons for rejection

Foundation Centre Short Course in Proposal Writing

Successful grant documents