Mass Spectrometry Database Committee

Download Page for the Mass Spectral Drug Libraries

The latest update (mini-library) is

The latest full library is

Note: all entries in are included in the main library aafs2012.l.

Instructions for Installing a Library

Make a directory called "new2012.l" or any other legal DOS name, ending in ".l" (the letter "L" for library).

Using the utility pkunzip.exe, extract all of the files into the subdirectory new2012.l, or whatever you called it. (If you do not have "pkunzip.exe", you can download it via the pkzip home page, or via dozens of other sites on the Internet).

Select the newly formed library as you would any other, in HP ChemStation's DataAnalysis. You can browse the library by using Parametric Retrieval.

The instructions are also contained in the readme.txt file, within the zip file.

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