Durrell, Lawrence. Panic Spring: A Romance. Ed. James Gifford. ELS no. 99. Victoria, BC. ELS Editions, 2008.

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Panic Spring: A Romance

First published in 1937, two years after Durrell took up residence on the Greek island Kerkyra, Panic Spring broke with the realist tradition in 1930s novels and shows the young author's first attempts to extend High Modernist innovations in rural and personal landscapes. Cubist, surrealist, and imagist techniques merge with rural life and the peasant village that an international group of expatriates are led to by a curiously Pan-like boatman. Unavailable for seven decades, this new edition of Panic Spring shows Durrell's emerging passion for Mediterranean life and the Greek world as well as his first attempts to articulate a political-aesthetic direction distinct from his peers, George Orwell and W.H. Auden. Under the shadow of financial and political ruin, on the verge of revolution and war, the one chance summer depicted in Panic Spring will make readers reconsider the impetus and interests behind Durrell's late modernist masterpieces, The Alexandria Quartet, The Black Book, and Prospero's Cell.


"...combines a high level of scholarship with accessibility, and sets a standard for the republication of early lost works by major authors.... fascinating to readers and scholars alike."
Times Literary Supplement

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