Bibliography of the Georg Kaiser Collection


The contents of the Web-version of the Bibliography can be searched by keywords. To conduct a simple search, type a keyword in the search window and click on the "Do it!" button. The search engine will retrieve all files which contain your search term. Open the file by clicking it on. To find the relevant bibliographic citation(s) and/or section(s) within the file, use the "Find" command of your Web-browser.

The system allows you to modify your search by combining search terms. Click on the "Search styles" pull-down menu to see the available options. You may combine two terms by "and" (retrieves records containing both terms), by "or" (retrieves records containing either or both terms) or treat the terms as a "single search word" (retrieves exact phrase).

Important: Please note that the search engine does not recognize German characters. The text of the Bibliography contains HTML codes for German Umlauts; however, the search engine is not capable of making a correct match between words containing such coding and words entered in the search window without special characters. To assure accurate retrieval, please use keywords which do not contain Umlauts. For example, to find records relating to Kaiser's drama "Die Bürger von Calais", use the word "calais" but avoid using "burger".

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