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All work....
....and no play
...makes Jack a dull boy.
Lookin' buff by the pool.

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My Life......

I am a Jack Russell Terrier, the smartest and best- looking dog around today. If you don't believe this just take a look at the TV ads and count the JRT's that are featured. (See link to JRT FAQ below)

My favorite TV show is the new children's show on PBS called Wishbone which stars what else but a Jack Russell Terrier! (See Wishbone link below) My second favorite show is The Mesquite Rodeo on TNN, I do my level best to protect those poor cowboys from the EVIL LIVESTOCK.

For fun I terrorize the cat, dragging him around by the head (he doesn't mind, really!), chew large holes in the carpet, gnaw on any wooden items within reach.

When I go into the back yard I like to run at top speed from end to end, sometimes Willy joins me, but he is only good for a couple of laps and then he just sits and watches me go around in circles. Boy is he ever Stoopid!


Places to go......

My master is the greatest guy in the world!.