Identifying needs of older adult learners

Thank you for helping me conduct this valuable research on pedagogical learning agents and the older adult learner.

Pedagogical agents are animated computer characters that users interact with through a computer. A box should load on the left hand side, demonstrating a pedagogical learning agent (ensure your sound is on and you may need to mouse over the image and press the start button if it does not automatically play). It may take a moment to load the content depending on your connection speed.

Pedagoical learning agents can be used in educational settings to facilitate learning. They have been used extensively in K-12 educational settings to provide interactive learning environments.

Our understanding of learner preferences for agent styles in terms of characteristics such as, gender, ethnicity, and role has come from research on children. Work with pedagogical learning agents involving older adults has been primarily conducted in the medical setting. Little research however, has been conducted to understand older learners preferences for pedagogical learning agent styles and whether that preference changes in a learning situation related to managing ones own health. Presumptions on preference for older adults has been made based on the research for K-12 learners. This may or may not be an erroneous presumption. This research is intended to fill that gap and provide insight to assist medical researcher in developing self-management health training programs utilizing pedagogical learning agents.

An example of what a pedagogical learning agent looks like in a healthcare setting is shown below

The image icons at the bottom of the page link to different examples of pedagogical learning agents, illustrating different styles of agents as well as speech differences and differences in roles.

Once you have finished exploring the examples the survey will take you approximately 20 minutes to complete and is anonymous. Your assistance and insight is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your time and I hope you consider taking part in this important research.