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This is a clinic for diagnosis and management of bad breath.
Our first objective is to discover whether a person actually has detectable
bad breath (Halitosis) and whether any detectable bad breath originates from the mouth. We do this by taking the following approaches:

  • by performing a simple clinical exam to establish the health of your teeth, gums, and oral surfaces (mucosa) such as tongue, palate, cheeks and upper throat
  • by using a halimeter to detect and quantitate volatile sulfur compounds in mouth air (See More Info)
  • by using liquid chromatography (HPLC) to detect and quantitate volatile diamines in saliva (See More Info)
  • by using our noses (neuroleptic assessment) to smell breath odour.

Once we know whether a person has a mouth odour problem we will seek to begin appropriate local treatment for problems originating in the mouth
(See More Info)  
we will seek to make the appropriate referral if it looks like there is a systemic cause for bad breath that lies outside the mouth.
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