Support Group   [The handwritten notes from which this transcript was made have been submitted in this lawsuit. Dating from when I first began keeping notes in January 2000, they cover over a year prior to the article. For reasons of privacy, most last names and some other identifying facts are omitted (where the word 'blank' sits). A second file contains transcriptions of the notes that cover the first half of 2001:] [Next]


January 18 meeting                 two new persons only


Walter blank                  Changing Ways sent him -- Anne someone.  He is to ask her to meet us!


Terry blank                    [Tim] already working with.


also "Ram"                                (East Indian)      access problem, kids like him.  Friendly guy, but a bit odd.  False accusations in past.  Wife on welfare fraudulently.


Mike blank here again -- very regular.


January 25 meeting                 13 present, five new


Darryl blank                   (talked to me, I think.)  Working with [Tim].  Just starting divorce proceedings, good set-up with kids.


Allan blank                    (saw Examiner ad.)  (Talked to me -- at blank)


Dave blank                    (heard from friend.)  Rape allegations to police, restraining order -- kicked out without being told what allegations were.  Blank his lawyer (Fort Saskatchewan.)  Two boys, six and 8 -- good relations.  That forces her to back off because they object.  She violent!  Went to cops but didn't press charges.  [Remember [Tim]'s (own?)  story of RCMP refusal to charge her for violence!]


Patrick blank                 very mild, graying hair.  Wants good lawyer.  One eight-year-old child.  Primary parent for several years.  (Needs a fighter -- too mild.)  Mediator tells him wife has been very abusive (but threats, nonphysical.)  Fears false accusations.


February 1, 2000 meeting                    25 present, half new


Bill blank                       assault charges; acquitted, yet restraining order keeping him from kids; many horrors -- lost job, home, etc..  Wife keeping kids out of school (13, 16, 18) for two years.  Got flyer from Changing Ways!  Assessment by blank -- worthless.  Advised to represent self to get a variation.


Joe blank here; going back to court on own (nasty-talking as ever).


Peter blank                    (older guy) -- at end of his divorce.  Blank worker -- here to help us.


George blank


Tim blank                      bad situation, but bright.  Guy with ex in B.C. -- kids 17, 14, 13, quite brainwashed.  Wife attacked him with knife.


Joel blank.                     (With Dave) -- 3 kids.  (Sensible guy, looks younger than he is.)  So far no real problems.


________.                     One fourth million dollars in arrears, passport, license revoked.  $3500/month.  Kids 21, 17, 14.


Steve blank                   doing fairly well so far.  [Tim] helping


_________.                   (bearded guy, familiar appearance?)  -- quite sensible and knowledgeable, but doesn't realize an agreement no good unless judge orders.


Glen blank                     soft-spoken, articulate.  10 years of access denial.  Coming back now for support, though well off (because of split custody, hadn't been paying, but his daughter, 17, moved out.)  Getting help from [Tim]


Joey blank                     (native) married, musician -- she wants him out, sent him to us!  Five month-old baby.  He depressed -- over her infidelity -- he does not want to separate.  Bad shape


February 8, 2000                                  20 present


[Source A]                     (talked to me on Internet)            sent to jail twice for keeping child overtime.  Has good shared parenting plan, he says.


Ed blank                       psychiatric nurse, teach groups: anger management, life skills, etc..  (Wants to help that way rather than on helpline?)


[the aunt]


Dee blank                      (with Bill N.) NCP           six-year-old girl


Martin blank                  says he can't be the father, but judge refused him a DNA test, saying he had assumed responsibility (which M. denies) 12 years ago.  In arrears with ME, took license, etc..  Seized bank account several times.  (None too sharp.)


Jerry Bernard                 (missing hand, claw)      two kids five and eight, access denial problem -- getting kids to turn him down.  Has blank.  Representing self.  Fairly intelligent guy -- a teacher.  (Depressed, not working now)


Colleen blank                 (friend of Jiggs -- no comment)


February 15


Ross blank                    [same as on old MERGE list?]    Two boys, 15 and 18.  Wants access to school records to 15 year old.


James blank.                 Wife demanding $500 cash/month if he wants to see kids (two kids, 11 and 12).  She's on welfare, doesn't want welfare to know.  Not ordered to pay support.  Has accused him of abusing kids, but the evidence is that she's the one.  Stabbed him with a knife when they separated, RCMP wouldn't charge her.  Much of their violence by her.  Has kept good records.  He's pretty rough character, though.  Wants to get access order changed to be enforceable -- got advice on doing it himself.  Really should go for custody next.  Far past, he has had criminal record.


Neil blank                      one child, five.  Smart mouth, tough.  Access problems starting.


February 22


Rick Fowler and his wife Bev Heitman      -- asks re lobbying efforts.  Horrific maintenance and ME case.


Mike blank                    -- pretty sensible


Wayne blank                 six kids.  Not seeing most of them -- bad relations with them.  Just getting to divorce papers stage.


Dave blank                    -- back from earlier ECMAS meetings.  [Let him know of next MERGE meeting!]


February 29                             (22 present) (three new)


Bob blank                      in armed forces.  [Sensible, fighter.]  Son's access problems.  False accusation to justify.  She in Fernie B.C..  Has gone to court to get specified access for son; she took off.  Moves and hides.  She abuses children, so thinking of going for custody.  CW deceived.  Her sister will support abuse stories!  (Beat her up!)


Rupert blank.                 Kids -- girls -- 10 and 12.  She's emotionally abusive.  Some alienation.  No orders in place, but paying a large amount for last two years.  Mellow and sensible (depressed easily), sad.  Has served her, she responded very peremptorily on disclosure.


Kevin blank.                   New separation at her instigation.  Her brother the lawyer (not family law) wrote up separation agreement.  Helped her financially to start up business, watched kids while she worked at it.


Dave blank                    with ambiguous order on picking up kids, got him breached and he spent weekend in jail.  (Fort Saskatchewan RCMP) [Tim] says could get her on mischief or breach.  Judge said it shouldn't have been done to him.  [[Tim]: in a provincial court matter, can get out of jail by going to JP on weekend; can't do it with QB case.]  She forged signature on his Visa card and also on bank account -- to go after her on that.


Neil blank's mother here again.  (Lillian)


March 8                                    26 present, five new


David blank.                   Father (blank?)  (Oriental.)  Son not getting his father's support money.  (24?  Was going to NAIT.)  Problem is mother won't give him free room -- charges rent.  She really should, given that she got lump sum from divorce.  [Bill M. sent them?  Shouldn't have]


Dwayne blank.               Very young.  Just served.  Advised to get a delay -- extension -- to get lawyer.  Married; one child, wants him to pay for her other too.  Abuse accusations.  Stay-at-home dad while she worked.


Michael blank.               "Separated" January 1 -- same house.  Three boys.  She good job.  He primary caregiver, in military, flexible job.  No court applications yet.  Wants shared or sole custody.  Internet cuckold -- she wants to go to Ontario with kids.  Kids 9, 6 and 4.  Has talked to several lawyers, one or two sound okay.  Has done parenting after separation.  But they hope to avoid getting lawyers involved.  Will call [Tim].


Gordon blank.                [I talked to him on phone.]  Old story.  (1992 in B.C..)  Under bad legal advice, left house.  Interim $900; in S. C., went to $1500 registered with FMEP.  Many horrors since.  (No medical records for serious illness.)  Seems sensible, just beaten down.  Huge section sevens.


[Woman who didn't speak -- black hair -- get name later?]

Jenny blank


March 15                                  four new people, 18 total


Shannon blank               (my contact, here for her brother.)  Her lawyer says she can be sued for defamation over the false accusations.  (!?)  Hold the shelters accountable!  [Get a MERGE shelter committee?]  Has parenting plan!  Group says by charging her they can get cops to pull her out of shelter and take kids into temporary care.?


Ron blank                      (and grandmother -- didn't get her name?  -- with her.)  He and her son each has child with same woman.  She has big money, drags them through courts and drains them.  And going to law school!  ME won't accept his bank receipts, after she lied he was off MEP!  Years of accusations (DV).  [Sensible guy but very angry.  Part native?]  Truck driver.  Horrible experiences over maintenance and her lies.  But her father largely on his side.


[Other two newbies left early, didn't speak.  Blank was one.  Another was older man.]


March 22                                  20, 3 new


Paul blank                     (the Francophone who called me) children 16 (girl), 14 (girl), eight (boy).  Wife from Trinidad.  Getting counseling over FOO issues at CSS.  She wants to get the house and his pension and live on welfare.  The 14 year old in a group home -- much emotional difficulty.  "Under supervision" -- blank involved!  He's going to counseling to deal with it.  Seems very decent and caring.  The 14-year-old would prefer to stay with him; 16 no preference.  Shift work, but can go to days-only.


Blank keeps coming back (three weeks now), recalling his divorce.


Murray blank.                Separated since January, children three and five with mother.  No court action so far, he's paying all bills.  She doesn't work.  Wants to shut him out, but now he sees kids 36% of the time; wants 50-50.  His counsel blank (no relation).  (Not working too well for him.)  Hers blank [soft-spoken, thoughtful and informed, seems decent.]  She not working, he nine-five.  [Tim] suggests Tuesday and Thursday night and three weekends/month (now has two)


Stephen blank               (Shannon's brother)        cops not laying charge against her, so [Tim] recommends laying private information.


March 29                                  25, 4 new plus Greg blank


Bernard blank                children seven and 13. (planned for years, but popped up a week ago!) (She's been putting stuff in her name etc.) ([Source A] sent him) Wife wants to move to California.  Ph.D. candidate in blank in Toronto.  Has been Mr. Mom for over a year, working on dissertation. 


Terence blank and Deborah                     (my contact.)  Their boy not biological; planning to adopt him.


Frank blank.                  Property split problem for 3 1/2 years.  Bad (blank) lawyer.  Many false accusations.  Blank lawyer now.


Margaret blank.              Grandmother I talked to.  Mostly sensible, in spite of witchcraft stuff.


April 4                          21 present, five new


Lloyd blank                    (swarthy -- Hispanic?)  My contact


Kevin blank                    (pass)


Guy blank                     (rhymes with "ee").  Industrial design business.  Smart but kind of a smart mouth.  A money case -- she ran off to Arkansas with new lover.  Two kids, $800/month (12 and 10).  Supposed to get the kids in summer.  Wonders if maintenance will be enforced.


Kerry blank                    (Jiggs' friend) NCP.  Blank is lawyer -- unsatisfied with his work.  Issue is section 7.  Agreement but no court order yet.  Two kids, 13 and nine; every second weekend.  Some access denial.


Rob blank.                     Divorced 10 years ago, two daughters.  She moved to Saskatchewan.  Remarried and adopted two boys, then another divorce, moved to B.C..  (Sensible seeming guy.)  Bad judge.  Lawyer blank.  Wants to be activist to change the system.


April 11                                    27 total, 12 new


Don blank                      -- represented itself in court; order not honored by MEP because not explicit enough (twice).  Ongoing squabbles with them.  Called helpline from Journal article.  [Seems intelligent.]


Marc blank                    [my contact]      wants to increase access.  Needs guardianship still -- less than one year with mother.  Seems intelligent and motivated.  Wants activism.


Donald blank                 [my contact?]    (Friend Carol with him) Older.  Wife of 34 years just wanted out.  Property settlement issues and spouse support.  Wife had day care in home.  (Forgot to bring cards with lawyers.)


The blanks                    family of 3 -- came at recommendation by Albert blank, a regular here.  British accent.  Son Justin (20) has twins out of wedlock (never lived together).  In court on 19th .  Working with [Tim], but in QB.  On the ball -- got onto ECMAS web page.  Access restriction and denial.


Rick blank.                    [My contact]      (kind of slovenly, mouthy.)          [The one with disabled wife now?]


[Bernard blank here again -- pretty bright and motivated]


Roger blank                   contractor.  Interim interim maintenance agreement two years old; he pays $2000 and has one of the two kids!  She won't work.  Talked to [Tim] on phone.  Seems intelligent.  $22,000 arrears.  Had blank -- bad lawyer, all agree.  Now has blank.


Carell? blank                 (In own right)      sponging ex (common-law 22 years.)  Property division issue.


Eric blank.                     Boys 12 and 14 came to live with him so has custody now.  Abused by ex, horrible divorce experience (arrears, etc.).  Ex-wife's lawyer blank -- a real shark.  Background in counseling.  Singer/songwriter.  Scared to go after her for support.  Sensible guy.  Francophone?  Wants to heal more before activism.


April 18            [missing from Jiggs's list]            14, 2 new (and Bob blank)


[Source B]         (with [the grandmother] -- another father of [her] son's wife!)   Separated a month.  Daughter 16 months old.  Charged with assault just before married; often during the marriage, on-off-on-off.  Three restraining orders.  Denies daughter is his.  They finally refused to give her any more restraining orders.  So asked peace bond next, but judge wouldn't give it when he represented self.  Incredible list of accusations against him!  (Rape, etc..)  Admitted she did it just to get legal aid.  Roughhewn guy, but seems capable.  CW interference with another child because of these allegations.  [He's one of dozens of suspects in Gustafson murder -- but only because earlier ex phoned?] Appliance technician


[the grandmother] next


Gordon blank here again, Ted blank.


Jim blank                      (friend gave him clipping, heard oldies station ad). (Mild, articulate.)  Kids nine and 10.  Last August informed of wife's desire for divorce; rocky long before.  He left January 30.  Poor lawyer -- blank; now getting blank.  [Computer tech at blank, musician.]


April 25


Lisa blank for Darcy blank                       three kids, 6, 4 and 2.  Many access denials.  Claims of abusing kids.  Lawyer blank -- doing poor job.  Blank assessor.  Willl change lawyer, can maybe change assessor -- urged to do both.  Judge seized with case -- blank: Pro-mother, some say. [Young and bright]


Martin blank                  (my contact).  Printing office at blank.  One child, seven.  parental alienation, though it's not working yet.  Telephone access denial.  Sure of getting job at blank, Oregon, starting now.  Good travel benefits.  Wife a paralegal, made more money than he.  She's a weekend binger, gives liquor to her 13 year old.  Has new husband.  Two older half siblings, so he's reluctant to take his child out.  Their father, a devout Christian, still around.  [Sounds as if she pushed him around a lot.]


Stewart             (French) three years divorce, five lawyers -- bad.  Finally 50/50 -- mostly on his own.  Has done legal research.  Got good held from blank.  Here to help.


Jeff blank                       (rough looking but sensible).  Maintenance payments way too high -- set while he was away.  Had taken work that would keep him home with the kids.  Hence can't afford a lawyer, legal aid turned down.  Tried to bargain with ME, turned down.


[Roger blank here again]


May 2                           22 here, seven? new


Duncan blank                (Jiggs knows.)   (Bald, goatee and small mustache.)  (Sounds very sensible!)  Second wife got custody of his daughter (10 years) from first marriage; court reason was not wanting to split up the two sisters.  Trial -- four weeks!  (February 1998).  No access problem, but much alienation (of paternal family, e.g.).  Much hostility between her and stepmother.  Status quo was 50-50, blank demanded it remain, and judge gave her sole!  His lawyer blank -- Leduc.  At trial, oldest daughter accused him of improper touching and "robotically" said wanted to stay with mother.  Judge appealed to this.  Is active in their school, to which the ex objected.


Anita blank                    after her husband for more maintenance for one child.  Now paying arrears.  In trial, accusations of sex abuse of their young son; kept him from seeing son for years (supervised access required)


Eldon blank                   (last name not on the list?)  (Had talked to [Tim]).  Wife keeps taking him back to court for spousal support (on AISH, gets legal aid).  She's cruel to kids, goes to bingo constantly.  He wants custody.  She harasses him at work, he gets restraining orders when he can.  Two kids, 14 and (almost) 12.  Has blank videoing her to prove not disabled.  She has strong influence.


Pierre blank                   here with Eric, who's been here before.  Custodial parent by consent -- 16 year daughter -- getting maintenance.  Just here to help Phil; just served.


Phil blank.  Just starting.  Will talk to [Tim].  [Got package from Fathers Divorce Secrets?]


(Hispanic woman)


Martin blank                  (here before?)


Chris blank                    wife's lawyer blank.  His blank.  After seven years of hell, to court last January.  Two boys, 12 and 13.  Every second weekend, one night a week.  Wife a social worker, very controlling and rigid.  Judge blank -- bad!  Blank and blank assessors.  (Badly bungled.)  Schoolteacher, out of work/substitute now.  Lots of accusations.  Can't get more than minimal access; gross restrictions interim -- [Tim] urges going to full trial, where blank will be gone.  Complaining against blank officially -- to call me.  (Sensible and sad.)  My contact.


Roma                (the usual)


(Margaret blank).  White-haired grandmother here before; just denied legal aid.


May 9


Philip blank                   (here before)                  with Men's Divorce Center, thinks it's great -- lawyer works for much less.  (Asked to bring us names of their recommended lawyers.)  [Never did] Blank


Blank blank                   supervised visits/restraining order; wants to eliminate.  Fired two lawyers, third left country.  Some self-help.  (Depressed?  Very slow speaking but seems intelligent.)  Blank mini-assessment on him and her (not kids) -- loved her.  Really nasty false accusations, but only in court.  Two kids six and five.


Terry blank                    in years past at one or two ECMAS meetings.  Restraining order years ago over a spat; got back together.  She filed for divorce in 1998.  (Quite knowledgeable and bright.)  Nine months of 50/50 parenting!  Highly perjured affidavits originally.  Wants to help us now!  [Send to committee?]


May 16             (Ch. 10)             5-6 new people


(Francophone Eric here again)


Dan?  Blank                  jailed for breach -- she called him, accused him of doing so.  12 years together, she didn't work.  11-year-old daughter; separated five months.  Used forgery to get $200,000 from him.  (Very poor, from Fiji; 40 years younger.)  $16,000 to lawyer (blank) for nothing.  Told cops she beat him up; didn't believe her.  Hasn't seen daughter for four months.  (Speaks poor English, somewhat naïve.)


Margaret blank here with daughter (Lana blank).    Son/brother not exercising access, so can't see child.  Two months old.  Demanding supervised access only.  Chinese (that's the witchcraft connection!  Tarot or something.)  Abusive to child -- slapped for sucking thumb at 2 1/2 months.  (Daughter Lana seems pretty sharp.)  [Tim] says Family Court counselor should be asked to do (free) family assessment -- before the July 7 trial!  Married five years.


Joe blank.                     Separated one month.  Wife a paralegal.  Two kids, 50/50 now.  Still love each other but can't get along.  Works for Canadian Airlines.  But after move-out, stalking accusations; says she's got restraining order, going for custody.  No court action yet.  He was very broken up by it all -- took time off, out of fear of hurting someone (?!)  (Maybe he was following her?)  Military


Andre blank                   wife sprang divorce news on February 14.  (Francophone) alienation, setting him up for charges and etc. (not laid).  Didn't notice the restraining order and she had him sent to Remand (Friday afternoon).  Seen kids three times since April 1.  (Allowed to talk on phone.)  His lawyer blank.  On review of RO, judge wouldn't lift it because of conflicting affidavits.  (Fairly smart.)  [Tim] says if can't get it lifted, must get RO fixed for access.  Boys nine and 11.


Jim blank                      two girls, 13 and 16; not separated yet -- separate bedrooms.  She having an affair?  ("Friends").  Stayed out late, e-mail love notes.


Todd blank                    (my contact?)




May 23                         (13 present, 3 + 1 new)


Mark blank                    friends referred (called me?)        12 years, she left three weeks ago.  Kids 9 (b, ADHD) and 11 (g), now with him.  He primary caregiver, strongly wants the kids (at least shared)


Scott blank                    (read Elsie's letter)         three kids under five, restraining order.  She charged and convicted of assault on him; house arrest for it.  Death threats against others.  Her probation order required FACS treatment.  She got thrown out of house over violence to him, then she got RO and threw him out!  Wanted to see kids, so called her and she set him up for breach.  Avoided cops for a few days, then turned self in, spent night in Remand.  (All end of January.)  Justice blank -- says she gave the order because they needed to be separated!  Police very helpful!  And social workers!  Supervised access for a while, now dropped.  Lawyer blank.  Wife from Trinidad.  He prefers good reliable access to 50/50 custody.  Intelligent but emotionally in bad shape.  Much damage caused by therapist blank (no credentials) -- close to suing him.


Ron blank                      -- didn't speak.  Father not swift.


Andre here again (not swift).  Woman with light reddish straight short hair -- Margaret's daughter.

-- alphabetical list to here --


May 30                                     24, 8 new


Michael blank                (native)              mother bad mouthing him to boys (13 and 14).  Wife is quadriplegic.  (Kids north of Athabasca, so difficulties in transportation to here.)  No lawyers at trial, but she had Maintenance Enforcement help and railroaded him.


Christopher blank                       8, 6, 4 and 2 -- all boys.  No court action, just thrown out.  Bon Accord.  She has two kids by former husband, she doesn't see them.  She threatens to make accusations to cops, getting advice from women's group.  She's really calling the shots -- 2 months now.  Married.  Advised to establish a (rented) residence before going to court.  [Odd duck who keeps phoning helpline?]


Kelly blank                    from past ECMAS meetings here.  Ex using child welfare, accusations: child is afraid of him, threatened to kill her.  Eight year daughter. She works for complex doing supervised access.  Keeps switching lawyers, now blank.  His blank.  Old blank assessment -- garbage.  Latest -- cops calling re accusations.


Len blank                      recently separated after long estrangement.  Two kids, 10 and seven.  Given lots of advice to get rolling.  (Soft-spoken, sensible.)  (Wants counseling group.)


Earl blank                      divorce pending, 36 years of marriage, no kids.  Will retire in two years, have to give her half pension -- tough.  She 54, stay-at-home mom.


Dale blank                     property settlement battle for 15 years.  Wants a good lawyer.


Steve blank                   she just went for interim sole custody, got it.  Imputed he'd make $14,000 more this year.  Lawyer blank hers blank.  He not there -- [Tim] says he should get transcript to see what really happened.  (Seems sensible)


Chris blank                    very controlling wife -- guilt trips, 18 months daughter.  Ran to shelter claiming mental abuse.  Taking courses, going to counselors.  Wants shared parenting.  (Fairly sensible.)


June 6                          7, 1 new


Carlos blank                  Hispanic         (get into child welfare committee?  They shafted him on access!)      Divorce 13 years ago; very nasty, poor lawyer (when child became independent of mother, reestablished good relationship with him) bad access problems though he had been Mr. Mom.  Remarried 1991, she left in 1995 with son.  Many threats to get order, call cops.  (Very sensible but naïve, pleasant guy.)  Stayed hidden for a long time till wanted money, got social services involved.  Doesn't know where she is.  Ordered to pay $300/month. (Through the minister, not interim divorce order?)  [Tells of several police bias over false accusations to friend.]  To get [Tim]'s help on access action.


June 13                                    25, 7 (6?)  new


Ray blank                      (my contact).  Talks re police gender bias.  (Wife stabbed him, etc..)  Was adopted out, Catholic school, beaten.  Took child from Alberta three times, and courts said no big deal.


George blank


Bill blank                       (my contact)      "I believe she's fleeing today" (didn't tell me this).  Quite agitated tonight.  Not highly articulate.


Michael blank                went bankrupt year separated.  Got one son, she three.  Clears $1300/month, pays $600/month (based on $2000/month before.)  Can't raise a boy on $700/month.  Maintenance enforcement threatening him.  She on welfare.  [Andy offers help through DaCosta]


Keith blank                    access denial, breach RO twice, once (delayed) for sending her roses and delivering papers himself.  [Articulate] three kids (two his).  Nine-month separation.  Provincial court.  (Common-law?)  Alleging abuse of children and her -- lie.  He went in for access, etc., but she delaying, not having lawyer.  Made several hotheaded mistakes earlier, including ripping up RO.  Went to Changing Ways, though, and got help.


John blank                     (I talked to last week.)  Mother moved to Morinville, so most access time spent traveling.  Military.


Chris blank                    (I talked to) (with John blank?)  Drove two hours to get here.


June 20                                    28, 8 new


Aubrey              (through men's helpline)


Dale blank                     (called me.  Since then she has filed.)  (Very sensible.)


Reg blank                      haven't seen oldest kid for two years, younger two for 2 1/2.  Home study required therapy with him, and it didn't happen -- blank.  Big social worker problem -- took custody from him.  Vegreville.  Thinks social worker manipulated the judge by saying they'd apply for permanent guardianship if kids not given to mother.  Blank his lawyer (poor, says Jiggs, but he says is okay.)  Thinks her lawyer is coaching access denial.


Carson blank                 first lawyer blank wanted to give in to blank.  Her lawyer was blank.  [Parallel parenting the wave of the future?  Use as precedent!]


William (Bill) blank                     kids old enough to make up own minds, so no more access battles.  Worried about age-of-18 maintenance problems.  (Sensible sounding.)  (Military!)  (To join maintenance group,


Stephen (a?)  Blank                   seriously beat self up over his problems last Saturday -- but seems okay emotionally.  Earlier hit by car, hasn't worked since then.  Unwed/common-law.  Wife bi.  Very recent breakup.  Friend pretending not home, but he hears daughter's voice so broke in.  Arrested, going to court on Thursday to plea.  No-contact order, but ex phones him.  An agency named "Changes" is supposed to deliver daughter to him for access.  (([Source A]  and Jason's names given him for help.)


Jack blank                     (loud blatherskite, not terribly smart, much pain.)  Kids all adults now -- here to vent.


Roman blank                 has been seeing daughter, finally worked out.  But in jail over weekend, assault charge (against her boyfriend)


June 27                                    5 new (4 + 1), 17 total


Al blank                        (friend at work who comes here sent him)             hasn't seen kids (2, 10 and 6) since last year.  He assaulted (unclear) her while "impaired".  Interim order -- no access because she says he'll hurt kids.  Thinks she was cheating doing his taxes, using this to cover.  Was making $150,000-$125,000; last two years down to $80,000.  Psychologist picked out through Family Center -- blank.  Blank is lawyer, with blank; dropped earlier one.


Joe blank                      (my contact) (from blank)            not enough access, sometimes denied, at that.  Sent older children back to Ontario to mother, to spare them troubles with this pairing -- lies about him to pastor, etc..  Ordered to pay more than he could on his social services allotment.  License suspended, etc..  Looking at more surgery in September or October.  Advised to go on own to get more access.


Ron blank.                     (Found our pamphlet.)    Son 12, she left with him soon after birth but at first had good parenting relationship.  She now says he has ADHD, keeps him away because "homeschooling" him and says there is no time.  (But not spending the time that way -- "pool shark!")  Finally cut him off completely.  Paying $200/month now through agreement social services worked out.  (Sensible guy.)


Alain "Al" blank and Laurell blank                        (Francophone)   [called me later, as I asked; but I didn't recognize?  Or was it Al blank?]   Told police he threatened her life; sex abuse claims -- Dr. wouldn't verify, so got stepdaughter to make accusation and police charged.  His lawyer got him to plead guilty.  Now demanding he sign away all rights to see son in the divorce action.


July 4                                       23, 5 new?  (One left early)


Tim blank                      (called me) [help with judge audit?  Computer skills].        Bad judge -- went to get maintenance reduced and blank increased it saying should be able to work.  No such statement to ex, who didn't work for the three years.  (Articulate, a fighter!  But discouraged later)  Didn't go into his access/custody problems here.


Blank here         moving to Calgary (Carstairs) now -- (stay after his story!)


Vic blank                       18-year-old daughter; back and forth to mom.  Has to pay for higher education?  Advised re getting her to reside with him, getting payment reduced if she has part time job, etc. (and getting on maintenance committee)


David blank                    $400 spousal support, $800 for two kids, (though third lives with him, and 10-year-old boy wants to).  Paid for her university education.  Going for full custody of all 3 -- 8, 10 and 12.  (Fairly intelligent, sensible.)  Some access problems.  (But works many hours).  Has spoken to [Tim] -- urged to do more.  Talked to blank.


Vern blank                     (came with David).          Spousal support horror (children out of nest) -- $2300/month indefinitely.  Sold the business and walked away because couldn't afford it.  Revenue Canada said he owed $25,000, so seized assets and then alimony checks bounced.  Went underground, cash only.  Has researched law on his own.  Urged to join us.


[Joe blank -- I missed?]


July 11                         21, 6 + 2 new


Brent blank                    (my contact)      here with girlfriend.  Melanie blank?  Common-law, got guardianship, interim order in April.  No denial since then.  Calling cops on him.  Welfare mom -- 3 kids with three men.  Paying guideline amounts, not through MEP.  Asking for very little access -- urged to go for shared or primary.  (Both sensible people.)


Rick blank (and Monica)             (Jamaican, here with mother)      one child, eight year common law.  (Each had child from before, she lost custody to hers on grounds of abuse.)  Broke up and left child with him -- he got interim custody then -- then came back, went to court and got custody.  Did through ex parte order with accusations.  -- hasn't seen child since (over a month) because can't find her.  Has talked to [Tim], hired blank to find her.  (Articulate, sad.)  [Get his story!]  Jiggs to go with them to help find his (missing?) file.  [Weird aspects -- neither court nor his old lawyer has copy of his old interim order!?]


Morley blank                  (my contact) -- she wants him to pay for her child from earlier relationship plus spousal.  She battled with ex for years to get maintenance, though father had no access problem.  In course of that battle, accused by father and his girlfriend of sexually abusing child -- countered with defamation suit.  (Articulate, intelligent.)  Has a good lawyer -- blank.


Ron blank                      custodial, she pays $900 for two kids (14 and 17).  He wonders if should pay more because of his injury.  Had poor lawyer, says.


George and Brenda blank                       Onoway -- came with Jim (grandparents).  One-year-old boy.  Criminal charges against son -- "fears for her life" stuff.  Lawyers keep dropping her as a nutcase.  (Legal aid though driving a new car).  They have good lawyers for both divorce and criminal.  Many horror stories.  [Get story!]

---- [End of first review]


July 18                         35, 5 new


Russ (Rick?)  Blank                   (with girlfriend or someone)         too much child support -- has five-year-old daughter half time (for a year now) even though ex has primary residence.  Advised to go back under change of circumstances (primary or shared).  Daughter doesn't want to go with mother -- poor mothering.  [Both sensible and articulate.]  Lawyer now blank.


Darcy blank                   (here with parents from last week) (not a bright star)


Dennis blank                 (my contact, maintenance and access).  Two boys seven and five.  Must get change of maintenance amount and specified access.


Alan blank (with Victor and Shirley) -- old MERGE comers!  Finally can see kids because they turned 18, now has old maintenance problem.  Question is whether a "costs" judgment should have come off in his bankruptcy.  [Tim] says no, MEP says yes.  Told to get court order directing MEP to back off.  Also to go through Rick F. and our committee to deal with DaCosta.


Tom blank                     4 1/2 months into separation, 8-year-old daughter. Has her 3-4 days a week;wants inexpensive, reasonable lawyer. Also has 14-year-old has seen rarely over the years--money issues.                  


(Next list) --->


July 25                         17, 4 new


Dean blank                    (mother and son here; she had called me.  She very sharp!  Barbara) Not yet separated, she yells and hits child, drinks heavily.  He has quit drinking.  Afraid to leave son there.  (Common-law seven years, so hard to take son and leave.)  (Five years old).  Social services involved, but child won't talk.  She has agreed on 50/50 custody but he wants full.  [Next week: has letter granting him guardianship from her]


Cody blank                    (friend of son)     separated a year, girl eight, boy six; was married.  Has kids more than half time.  Social services took him to court for money, doesn't know what sort of interim custody/access order he's got?  Now she's on a student grant, not social services.  (Doesn't seem really bright.)  On Sunday she suddenly said he won't get them anymore (but she has done so many times before); won't know till Thursday whether serious.  [Next week -- she didn't carry out threat]


Martin blank                  (native?  Métis?  Swarthy)           separated six years.  Paying $150 for each of two kids, now teenagers close to 18.  Paying her directly.  Kids don't want to see him much anymore.  Mostly just wants to get divorce finalized after all these years -- never been finalized.


(Dennis back again.)


August 1                                   16, 1 + 1 new    (mother of Cody, Karen.  Sensible, not too talkative.)        . 


Brad blank                     Fighting for custody. Represented self in court many times.  Assault charges, etc..  His ex out of province -- defrauded welfare, convicted twice so went to B.C. (made news!)  "If you testify against me, you will never see child again."  (Boy, 7) B.C. put child in care, didn't notify him.  In court August 23 (motion to disclose) for her child maintenance complaint.  (Not as reasonable as need be to fight effectively.)


August 8                                   23, 4 new


Dee                  common-law two years.  Separated in October, then she moved to Edmonton from Slave Lake, leaving child there.  But she wants sole custody, wants child here.  He agreed to that, she says, but now seems to want child with him every school year.


(Bernard blank here again -- mediation didn't work.  She still wants to take child to US, but may settle for outside school year.  [Tim] says he should fight for spousal support, she doesn't want to.  Fearful that when she goes to blank, it'll really get bad.  But lawyer is blank, very capable.)


(Bill blank?  here -- 16-year-old son has come to live with him; how can get change in support?  [Tim] suggests getting order to have her pay him and don't change other order.)


Angela              (here with Bill blank)       has two kids, one with ex-husband in Calgary.  Access denial.  And he wants to move to US.  He doesn't want daughter.  [Tim] has looked at -- he sort of railroaded her (verbal agreement, reneging), but there is still time to get legal aid and appeal divorce order.  (She largely at fault?!)


Dennis              just here to observe


Mike blank                    (mustache, a bit dark).  Mother wanted to move to B.C., was going to leave son here, with two weeks to go changed mind.  He got two court orders (from blank) to prevent her from moving child.  (Seems competent, sensible).  Representing self.  Now wonders if she can go to B.C. court and overturn it, especially since son now visiting with her there.  (Only by deceiving court, says [Tim].)  She's in violation of the order.  Her lawyer seems to be breaking rules all over the place.  To go to court on Thursday asking for her to be held in contempt.


August 15                                 20, 5 new          (Kyle back!  Fairly experienced.)


Michael blank (and wife)             well spoken, soft spoken.  Visible minority (East Indian? oriental wife now).  Son 10, blank gave to wife to go to Vancouver Island.  Blank stayed with him for a year before.  Had made agreement that child would go back, and the judge upheld that -- even though mother has unstable employment and moved three times in year.  Joint custody, but no real access orders.  Spoke to [Tim] yesterday.  Consent order a year ago when she left to get out of big city; left boy with him and agreed to give him back in a year.  Represented help [sic], went with extended family.  Did ask son where he wanted to live, and he ambivalent.  Financial support always came from him and family -- she a poor provider, out of work a lot.  But amicable relations always.  Advised to get consent order re maintenance, access; but could appeal.


Lee and Gail.                 One child, three.  (Common-law.)  He now living in B.C., left Saskatchewan (Lloydminster -- just across border) to get better job -- twice income.  She felt he was abandoning, went to court.  (Here with his mother Gail. Sherwood Park).  Has maintenance order but no access.  Total refusal of access, but has no order.  Urged to go back to court and get order; his mother -- sent to Margaret and Audrey -- urged to get grandparent access.  (She seems tough -- good.)  Ex unstable, from alcoholic background.  Has sister in Lloydminster who might help, but Saskatchewan laws!


(Mike blank here again; female friend with him.  Also Bill -- light haired, broad shouldered -- sensible.)  Other mustached guy who's regular and sensible -- name?  Tim B.!)


Elvis blank                     here first time.  Discussed his case a bit.  -- Child welfare involved but no help.


August 22                                 18, five + 2 new


Randy blank                  (called me).       Daughter 18 (just), son has lived with him for a year.  Stopped paying, then hit by MEP letter.  [Order says it ends, but MEP doesn't know so must go back to court.]  (Rough, working-class guy, but reasonably intelligent.)  Fairly easy case.


Greg blank (Michelle girlfriend)                (called me)        (working guy, but smart).            Lawyer has dragged out divorce.  False accusations to belief [sic], thrown in remand.  Blank his -- lousy job; blank hers!  Spent $20,000 on lawyers for naught.  Wife diagnosed as borderline, attempted suicide in front of kids three times.  Kids put into foster care when she heard voices, yet social worker believed her that he was violent.  She harasses and cops do naught.  She violent to child and he asked school to watch for abuse, got in trouble again.  She in hiding so he can't see kids.  Has maintenance order and informal access agreement.  (Many complexities.)  All criminal matters (so far) dismissed.  In military.  Bill, a regular in group, white hair, also military and will help him.


Sean (sp.?)                   Steve blank referred?                  Serious access denial.  Very recent order (specified).  (Kind of tough talking.)  She's on cocaine, he says.  But troubles before then.  Common-law less than year; not sure whether has guardianship.  Many cop calls, but they didn't arrest or charge.  But CW siding with her: she freaked out so he took child, CW said she's okay now so child goes back.  Call it harassment by her, says [Tim].  Ask for family study because it's free in provincial court.


Doug                 (my provincial court contact).  Applied in November for access and guardianship; 11-year-old boy.  Mediation, but she didn't show for memorandum of agreement.  Now wants custody -- she "really unfit".  (Very well spoken.)  Lawyer got it moved to QB.  She drained their joint account -- $3000, he's demanding it back.  Child has spent more time with him.  She has three kids from previous.  He now remarried (last month).  Son has been brainwashed a bit.


(Two women)                 intact family, and all abuse her.  Looking for counseling for self


August 29                                 (6 new, 20+ total)


__________                   Grandmother (France friend)


Paul blank                     [phoned me later -- has donors?]             From High Level -- ex came here with child, got hosed in court.  Primary caregiver because some disability.  (Determined -- but not a good attitude for currying judges' favor!)  She lied about how long they lived together (to avoid one year rule?)  Restraining order.


Bob blank                      spousal support problem (no kids).  She wouldn't work except sporadically at his insistence.  Separated in October -- her adultery.  Her lawyer blank, his blank (good, says Rob).  ([Tim] suggests annulment on grounds of her sterility -- outside chance.)  Her claim to support requires being disadvantaged by the marriage -- he could win on that ground.  Has already given up de facto possession of much property, including paid-up house.  (But her grandfather built it and he paid a bargain price for it; grandfather still official registered owner.)  She has disposed of matrimonial assets behind his back.


Marvin blank                  14 girl, 18 boy    (rough talker) (four years lived together).  Wants to get rid of kids not his.  He supported her kids (partial -- she gets big money) while they lived together.  Son refused to help on the acreage at all; conflicts over boy really hurt relationship with her -- breaking up now, but delayed because she can't find appropriate place to move into.  Had some stuff in partnership, but she had stuff (sources of $), broke into his files for his information.  [Tim] says get order to remove her; since she supported self, argue that shouldn't have to pay now.


Lanny blank                   out of wedlock child, hit with maintenance.  Wants access.  Let it go a while (year +) then asked her.  She says "wait".  (She jumps from guy to guy.)  Tried mediation -- mediator negative to him.  The stress hurt his existing common-law relationship.  (Grade 7 education, but sensible guy.)  Went to court for access (provincial, probably).  Talked to [Tim] on phone, brought form to fill out -- [Tim] giving more help.


Bob blank                      -- here for son, 1991 divorce, three kids, breakdown.  Hauled back to QB for maintenance increase and arrears.  No access problem, but less than 40%.  Should have made hardship claim.  Advised to get [Tim]'s help and apply for variation.


__________                   (Didn't fill out contact record).  (Help line call, Elsie took)


September 5                            27, 5 new          (and Louise and daughter)


(Carson blank here and Louise)


Lynette blank                 (here for husband Dave -- I talked to?)  (She from NZ)        access denial, nine-year-old girl -- Onoway; moved now to southern Alberta -- Drayton Valley (tough, sharp lady).  Recommended getting specified access and maybe JC.


Todd blank                    wife prostitute licensed escort (admitted in court documents) and drug addict, trying to get custody.  Three children, 10, 6 and 4 (oldest, girl, not his).  Every second weekend.  She in Red Deer.  Got ex parte against him, restraining order.  Lawyer did little for him.  Came back in March and she gone.  Kids neglected and abused, but child welfare says there is no problem.  Waiting for discoveries.  Says has witnesses she's abusive.)  Trying to get help from Ombudsman, his MLA. Getting daughter to lie for her.  Saying is no longer escort, has gone on welfare.  Has hired PI.  (Working guy, but smart, dedicated, tough and capable.)  Get with [Tim]!  Took my number, and Louise's.


Alan blank                     (declined)


Rick blank                     maintenance order says $884 -- just paying $750 net by agreement (based on guidelines and current income situation).  (Divorce three years ago, three kids 12, 11 and 8.)  40% of his income, but she keeps wanting extras.  (Access OK) (fairly smart).  Advised to go back to paying the ordered amount, go to court to get it reduced.


Darryl (?)                       (Steve blank brought him).          Two daughters, one not in school; mother keeping other kid in high school to drag out payments!  Hired blank to prove not seriously going to school (hardly attending at all).  (Paying $740 for one!)


Jason blank                   just here for moral support


Doug blank                    wife is big earner, he primary caregiver.  (Was making big money, but left good job in Inuvik to come here.)  She abusive emotionally -- "stalks" him, spies.  Lawyer is blank, can't afford him.  (Rambles, mumbles, hard to follow.)  Separated, two kids.  No division of property, etc..  [Tim] says needs strong lawyer to go up against his -- blank; wise to pay for one given can lien the house.  Being used as babysitter.


September 12                          26, 5 new?


Webster blank               3 1/2 years separated and no divorce.  Can't afford a lawyer because paying heavy support.  ("Old system") ($2450 for two little kids).  No specified access so she lets him see them little -- lousy lawyer.  Has better home for the kids then she.  (Very articulate.  Should be able to represent self.)


Sumee (?) blank            (Sikh?)  (Jiggs knows?  City employee.)  False accusations.  Wife depressed, but won't take Dr's prescribed medication.  (Paranoid, suicide threats.)  (Soft-spoken (and sad), sensible.)  Not a divorce case yet -- just threats from her.


Peter blank                    happily married.  Here to tell about Legal Help Society (pro se stuff).  Constitutional/common-law challenges.  (Articulate, somewhat sensible.  But the approach is a bit flaky, surely.)  Background: mechanic.  Free service.  His organization, it seems.  Blank in it!


Gabriel blank                 ME problem.  Lost job two months ago.  Grabbing unemployment checks.  Still taking money for 18-year-old daughter (son is 16).  (Accent -- Central Europe?  Poland).  She has left for Europe (took her) and left son (four weeks ago) with no money to live on, he (son) depressed and says will kill self if authorities alerted to his situation.  Divorced, she custody.  (Five years ago).  Boy says will live with him if he gets place.  [Tim] says get legal aid lawyer, go to court to get custody.  (She left four weeks ago, he found out about it four days ago.)  (Seems very sincere, sensible.)


Mike blank                    (will talk next week) (getting help from [Tim]).  (Wife took kids to B.C.; keeps getting orders for them to stay here.)


September 19                          no one new


September 26                          20, 2 new          (and ([Source A] 's parents, blank and blank)


Terence blank                bad lawyer, so representing self.  Custody/access stuff -- many battles.  Blank cut him back to two days/week (weekend) when he tried to go for 50/50.  Daughter 2 1/2; son 1 1/2 from current marriage who is very close to daughter.  Wants to appeal, but here to get advice on whether worth it.  [Seems very knowledgeable.]  Her lawyer blank -- sleazeball.  Would like to do the work, pay lawyer to do the court stuff.  Many accusations -- against his present wife (says made threats) and him (turpitude stuff) -- earlier accused him of abuse.  Wants home assessment to present as new evidence.  In mini-assessment, blank proved she lies -- went well for him.


Jeff blank                       (Steve suggested he come.)  About a month ago mother sent child to Nova Scotia to grandmother.  Had horrible lawyers -- $1500/month alimony.  (Child not born then, born June 1, 1998) -- finally paid it off.  She very violent.  (RCMP messed it up!) Decided to stop seeing child till divorce final -- but thinks there is no divorce (custody, access order) yet!  Unsure.  Now $1400 child.  (Kind of a passive guy, soft-spoken.)  Many accusations that he abusive.  Blank is present lawyer, blank was first.  (?  But she's not bad!)  Advised to get access/custody order.  Fears she may be going to Nova Scotia now.


The blanks, Pat and Wayne                    she pretty motivated.  Runs own business, so limited time.  Spruce Grove


October 3                                 21, 3 new


Kevin                separated eight months, no order.  Can't afford a lawyer.  Agreed to her primary in separation agreement with lawyer but no court order.  Two weeks ago, accusations of child abuse for restraining son from hitting.  Son doing some siding with her.  She called Child welfare but they refused to act.  Now wants to go for 50/50.  (Sounds a bit hard, but intelligent.)


Dave                 under old maintenance order system, she wants to go to the new, which will cost him $300 more.  (Four kids).  Asks usual questions re hardship (no), section 7, etc..  Suggested he go for 40% of time or else one or more moving to his place.  (Seems a sensible and nice guy.)  Prior contact with [Tim]


Tom blank                     seven-month separation, oral agreement on the usuals.  But she's trying to renege on access now.  (Has 40-45% of time now.)  Complication is stepchild he estranged from, but she could wind up paying him.  (Fairly sensible guy.)


October 10                               20, 3 + 1 new                (Dave blank here!)


Dick blank                     (ECMAS from past; called me)                nasty maintenance increase.  Never cohabited, took him to court when child was nine.  Now 13.  Irregular access.  [Looks like Craig blank.  Fairly sensible guy.]  Trained mathematician -- no computer.  Spent $10,000 when child was born to get access rights, but had horrid judge.  Couldn't get rights, so signed agreement for no rights and no obligations.  Worthless, advised Kvill, and eventually mother came back for the money.


Nathan blank                 (with 21 year-old son Jason).  Blended family situation, she abusive to him and his kids and her kids (14 and 10).  Emotionally very harmed -- repeated heart attacks.  Close to suicide!  Finally moved out; CW says they'll investigate.  [Well spoken, intelligent.]  To call me re MERGE.  [Didn't]


John blank                     (called me today) (English?)        Her caregiver full-time.  Trying to get maintenance from her since she has much bigger disability income.  Bought him out re property division, but unfairly.  Had three lawyers, now to do it himself.  [Well spoken, intelligent]


October 17                   (meeting in Bonnie's Lounge!)                  17, 3 + 1 new


Steve blank back.  Blank here, I couldn't hear story)


Grant blank                   (a bit misogynist?)         No problems of own, here to help us.  Access database, wants to help.


Shawn's child's mother here with him (one of them)


Andy blank here


October 24                               15, 4+ 1


Dorian blank                  (my contact here with brother).  Kids six and three.  Were on week on, week off, but changed last Thursday.  Said she would cancel court date, default judgment against him.  Final order just came today.  [Tim] gives advice re next step.  Notice of appeal.  No direct evidence of deceit, but sudden change from halftime to two weekends a month would be very suspicious to judge.  She going for bankruptcy.  (Both sensible, intelligent guys.)  Told to act now!  or will not be credible.


Steve blank.                  Separated about four years.  Kids six and four, common-law.  Each fall decides to stop access.  He has rules for kids, she none, says.  [Eat veggies, eat on time or not, must try anything new.  (Sounds a little rigid.)  Been to mediators -- memorandum of agreement from them but never before a judge.  [Tim] tells him he has no real rights just now.  Has been having them every other weekend, wants that to continue.  (Intelligent, soft-spoken -- seems a bit odd somehow)


Paul blank                     (met at city hall meeting).           Kids three and eight, with her.  Repeated accusations, keeps going to court and getting dismissed.  Every Wednesday evening, other weekend.  Going for (judge ordered) open assessment (blank).  Assault and uttering threats accusations -- had good criminal lawyer, said [Tim].  Cops come and arrest without proper investigation each time.  Recognizance from criminal charge.  Lawyer blank (at blank).  Next trial Friday December 1.


Bill                                wants to vary maintenance order.  Just here for ideas.  Going for legal aid, wants lawyer names.  Kids 10 and eight.  (Knowledgeable, oddly distant and evasive.  "Been away for a while" --?)


October 31 (Halloween)                                   12, 4


(Rick blank back -- update -- talked about his MEP stuff)


Doug blank                    full beard.  Wife left three weeks ago with son (10 years old) for Calgary ; been to court (in Calgary) ex parte giving her temporary custody, he gets five hours on Saturday with him.  (But they didn't let her?  Re check).  He grabbed son's arm to stop him from running (in a Cub meeting in a Mormon Church), left bruise; she went to cops but he doesn't know what they've done with it.  They went together to anger management.  Advised to file for divorce in QB here.


Cameron                       (I talked to?)      Child 15, money sent to mother not getting to her; (spoke with [Tim] earlier, getting help) living with stepdad, who has three kids from three dads while she gets the money for two!  Never met his daughter till she was 12, so custody not so good right now (improving, though).  MEP after him big time.  Going to go to court with [Tim]'s help to get order changed based on residence.  [Friend in small town gassed himself because of ex draining him.]  Andy blank suggests our maintenance committee to help him in meantime -- [Tim] agrees.  (Fairly sensible working-class guy)


Glen blank                     (came with Cameron)     serious access problems, only given supervised visits, so hasn't paid for two years.  (Hiding from MEP, doesn't know where ex is).  Would like to start seeing her again.  (Rough-thinking working-class guy.)  Thinks by spring his finances may allow going back and facing it all.  [Tim] suggests he go to court and research his file to get clear on status.


Blank                (called me.)  Represented self in court today, stomped on.  (Not given stuff in time by ex's lawyer from hell.)  One 2-year-old child.  Access horrors, many accusations.  Back in court on November 7 for criminal charges.  But got a good judge and lawyer for that.


November 7                             16, 4


Colleen blank                 has one child (girl 10?); child (son 12) from another marriage with father.  Year and a half ago, having many problems with son, CW got involved (psychological assessment of son), ex got primary status.  When CW found out there would be new custody battle, threatened to apprehend him unless went to father.  No access denial, but in Fort Saskatchewan so it's tough.  Son wants to come back -- still having behavioral problems.  But doesn't want primary status again -- too tough.  (Not getting along with stepmother)


Joe blank                      separated 2 1/2 years, common-law; one child, he had adopted an earlier one. Daughter. No JC, just access. thinks sexually abused by brother earlier; oldest daughter abusive to youngest one.  Ex sees naught wrong and so won't get counseling.  CW won't help.  Trying to arrange assessor


Lorne (Loren?)               Horrid divorce -- garnishee before divorce seized his property, left sleeping in car.  (Had made good money).  Restraining order -- cops would pick him up when she'd tell them.  (Well spoken, bitter -- with good reason.)  Horrid assessment by blank from very brief interview; just believed her.  Bad lawyers and bad judges, MEP.  (12 years ago --?)  Many horrors.  Just wanted to let off steam -- left without my offered literature.


Larry blank                    (my contact)      bad CW story; has contacted Child Advocate and may be getting help there.  Cleaned out his bank, so now able to manipulate the court.  Blank his lawyer.


November 14                           19, 1     (plus curious woman)


(Blank here) (([Source A] 's mother here) (Joe K. back) (Larry blank here?)


Arlene blank                  Grandmother who wrote to Journal.  Serious access problem (JC with specified access), so going for grandparent access.  (Son 19).  Lawyers useless.  Planning to go for police-enforcement order.  One says police will go with you even without police enforcement order.  Access: four days each two weeks.


November 21                           26, 5


Rollie                (works with Jiggs)          sudden doubling of child support from $300 to $600 (guidelines and tuition?  -- after six years; just inflation?)  (Kids 17 and 18).  Still-in-school worries.  She went back to court to get change from old system of stopping at age 18.  She makes twice as much.  She in Saskatchewan -- kids not interested in him, it seems, for years.


Peter                (knows Rick too) ("not now").  Blank assessor -- made him lose joint custody and 50-50: he had blank.


Dave                 ("not now").  Here to see Rick -- MEP problem.


Gerald blank.     Married, but wife left a week ago -- no court -- went to her parents.  Kids 2, four and six.  (He's 43, looks older.)  Keeping them away from him.  Had alcohol problem earlier, but not serious one. 


(Guy from High Level back) (Paul?)

[Jason back, MEP question on arrears.]


November 28                           18, 1 + 1


(Peter and Tom back with his mother Mary)


Larry                 (France's contact.)         Wife left 2 1/2 months ago; emotionally abusing child then (documented at school) (16 years old); nevertheless fears she may be trying to get her to leave him and go with her.  Problems with kid -- unmotivated in school.  (Thoughtful, decent guy.)  Warned to check out various maintenance/property issues.


Arlene is back, filed for grandparent access, and the girl is talking more cooperative re his access.  But son (19, recall) is very discouraged; when he doesn't come, won't let Arlene do it instead.  Arlene very sad over it.  Advised to get changed order for him, including such matters as letting grandparents pick up child.


Mary (Tom's mother) comments a bit -- sensible.  Roma back -- unfortunately, Jiggs asks her to talk.  Told by several that we can't give the sort of help she needs.


December 5                             16, 2


Keith                 a week ago child abuse accusation by child (six years old).  [Next week: with police, he retracted.]  CW pressured him to get out, lived in car for three days, now taking him to court.  Before that, his mother-in-law called in CW and it escalated.  Told him to be in court on December 15.  (Four boys, 9, 8, 6 and 4 -- extremely "rambunctious".  To meet with CW worker on Thursday.  (Not extremely bright).  Marital conflict.


Sam                 separated nine years ago last November over her mental problems; CW took son from her and placed with grandmother, then foster care.Now have been saying will place child with him. (Boy 4 years) She originally made allegations and that was settled. Latest: found with bruises, and CW is blaming him; child has told him it's foster parents, child has also told CW he did it, (Bruises) [Suspicion:the foster parents behind it?} (Seems reasonably smart.) His legal-aid lawyer is blank--not doing good job, he says. Gets advice on going to court for access, even custody. To get custody hearing in QB on Monday. (Will have to be delayed, evidently.) He gave up guardianship back in April! Not at all sure why now.


Rollie here again updating. Also Paul, Larry H.--Larry in court with his lawyer again tomorrow for discoveries. Also Tom--no changes. Jason--cut deal with Maintenance and got license back.


December 12                           10,1


Blank                (My contact)      He a social worker. Made arrangement with wife to pay less till December; now that it's December, can't do it so she's calling MEP. He's just graduated in SW! (Smart and sensible guy.) Settled for small access for traditional reasons and his school status. But he's making same now as when order made, so can't get order varied. (Now $450/month.)


December 19                           11, 2


Mark blank                    (My contact) 


Norman blank                (black--Caribbean?, articulate)      Son, 8, mother in US; married mother so could get relationship with child. Bought house right after, she threw him out. Only married him for money, said. Told police he threatened her at one point. Moved back in, later called cops again. Stalking charge.  Out of town a lot, so asked for weekend access. Four lousy lawyers. Work suffered; took four months stress leave. Got legal aid lawyer because of that, but now could hire one. She makes more money than he now. He has girlfriend working for court as recorder. (Has year-old child by her.) She has been violent to him and his property and to child.Her charges took him to court four times, one conviction. MEP garnishment 70% of every cheque.