Where so ever two or three should gather,

There also support shall be”

[This letter is an OCR'd version of one that was sent, as indicated, to the head of CanWest Global.]



James Haiden

6511-93 Street

Edmonton, Alberta T6E 3B3


Israel Asper

Can-West Global Communications

Winnipeg, Manitoba


December 16, 2002


Dear Mr. Asper,


This letter is to say that I am the Director of the ECMAS Support group and have been the usual Chairman of the meetings since the group began operation in the early spring of

1999. The group continues to meet in the usual manner and there is no intention, of my own or of the parent group The Equitable Child Maintenance and Access Society that we will or should discontinue.


I have read the article that was published by the National Post in April of 2001 and was appalled at some of the things that were written. Sir, I write this letter to you so that you may have a better understanding of the events that did take place and remind you, that as the Director of the Support Group and the usual Chair, it is I who has the greatest understanding of these events.


Professor Christensen has attended all but one of the meetings that have occurred since the group began operation and has never once voiced his published views regarding childhood sexuality. Dr. Christensen has always given meaningful contributions in regards to the particular person and problem at hand. This is to say that his contributions have always been based on the mandate of the group, which is to help non-custodial parents deal with the issues of loss of children and punitive maintenance awards. His interest in the group concerns the lack of equality that non-custodial parents receive from the Family Law Judiciary and related agencies.


Among the numerous distortions that occur in this article, one stands out as particularly grievous and is a serious abrogation to the good work that we do. The parent group, as well as the support group is a not for profit society and there is no vested interest in those of us who conduct the meetings to use our positions for personal gain. It is apparent to me, as I read the article that Ms. Laframboise insinuates that Dr. Christensen works in tandem with [Tim] Adams in a concerted effort to extract financial gain from those who attend the meetings. Indeed, she states that Dr. Christensen deliberately asks attendees questions regarding their financial status as well as give forceful recommendations that attendees drop their current Counsel in favour of Mr. Adams. I have never observed Dr. Christensen ask any one at any time information regarding their financial status.       [Back]  



Where so ever two or three should gather,

There also support shall be”



Nor have I ever heard Dr. Christensen, or has anyone ever told me, that he advises others to fire their lawyer and hire Mr. Adams. What we do at the group is advise those asking for help that “if they cannot afford a lawyer, the worst thing they can do is nothing at all.” We would also advise those who feel that the challenge of writing and filing legal documents is something they cannot do to “hire a paralegal to do those things for you.” When these circumstances arose, I could, in good faith, recommend [Tim] Adams for the job, as did others who knew Mr. Adams. So it was not just Dr. Christensen who has  made those statements and it was not only [Tim] Adams that Dr. Christensen and myself and others were able to recommend. Indeed, one of [Tim] Adams unofficial duties was to keep track of the known lawyers and their abilities. [Tim] himself would refer persons to good lawyers, as did Dr. Christensen and myself and others at the meetings, once we knew of them.[This is from the leader of the support group, the person knowing my actions best. Yet as will be seen later, the reporter deliberately avoided contacting him to inquire about my actions.]     [Back]


Another issue distorted by Ms. Laframboise’ article was Dr. Christensen’s opposition to starting another support group on a second night of the week. The background is that too many people began coming to the meetings and I was less able to give each person due consideration. I felt pressured to attempt to do something to alleviate the overload. I was mulling over the idea of beginning a second group running on a different night and when a fellow named [Source A] entered the scene my hopes were piqued. [Source A] was charismatic and had oodles of self-confidence. Unfortunately, he had one problem; he gave out dangerously bad instruction based on his feelings about a situation. Further, he would give others legal advice as though it were fact, when in truth it was false. [Source A] would make things up as he went. On one evening, while he was chairing a meeting under my auspice, [Source A] suggested a course of action to one of the group members that was so bad, I had to interrupt him and set the matter straight. On another occasion, a participant, obviously in awe of the knowledge [Source A] purported to have, complimented him on it. [Source A] responded by stating that he has studied law so  much on matters pertaining to his own case, that he was as smart as any lawyer. When [Source A] made this statement I truly believe he meant it.


Dr. Christensen recognized this also, and since [Source A] was pushing the second set of meetings where he would act as chair, was adamant to oppose it. I had hoped that between myself and relevant others, we would be able to get [Source A] on to the right track and, therefore, continued to push for the second support group in spite of Dr. Christensen’s objection. But Dr. Christensen is keenly aware of the hazards of bad information and strives to avoid it. He didn’t do it to assist [Tim] Adams establish a clientele base, and again, if Ms. Laframboise would have contacted me I could have set her straight on this issue. [Again: later we'll see how deliberately she avoided this information. However, as the next hyperlink reveals, she did know a lot about Source A's attitudes and motives.]   [Back]


At the time that Ms. Laframboise was doing her investigation into this matter it was made known to me that she had been given my name and position in relation to the group, and that I should expect to hear from her regarding it. I was extra diligent at the time to     --->    




Where so ever two or three should gather,

There also support shall be”





ensure that I received my telephone messages in a timely manner so that I would be able to respond to any request for information she may have of me. Ms. Laframboise never made any attempt to contact me, which is sad because I could have given her  information, which would have helped her understand what was really happening. [The reporter's own company telephone log, linked earlier here, shows no calls placed to Mr. Haiden.]               [Back]


What was happening then is what still happens currently; non-custodial parents of both genders come out to the weekly meeting and find two hours of respite from their torment. Some are encouraged to continue after they were discouraged from trying and some become cognizant of the fact that they are relatively well off and begin to cope, but in all cases people come to the group and get new, good information and support they didn’t have before. Dr. Christensen was and is, the driving force behind the support group.  He is the person who recruited me. [Tim] Adams was and is the person who sets me straight on certain issues. Without his able assistance I would never have made it to where I am today. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Christensen and [Tim] Adams, the ECMAS support group has been and will continue to be, an effective institution, the objective of which is to bring parents and children together.


I proud of, not ashamed of, my affiliation with both men.







James A. Haiden