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[As will be discussed later, this two pages of material, ostensibly transcribed from a 51-minute interview, is all that the reporter produced in the lawsuit from five hours of conversation she'd had with Ms. Malenfant.]


Louise Malenfant



-people working with divorced “should be above reproach”

—“most people who are falsely accused would want nothing to do with..”







(2nd tape)


[have you ever personally seen FC advise anyone to do anything with respect to  Adams?]


“Yes. I saw it frequently when I was still associated with Mr. Christianson, and that was about a month before things became very difficult between us. He would recommend to folks that they go see  Adams and get him to help them put together their documents. I received reports from cases that

I investigated that Mr. Christianson was very forceful in trying to compel them to fire their attorneys and hire Mr. Adams to write their documents so they could represent themselves in court."


[how many people told you that?]


About three people.


[how many times did you personally witness Mr. Christianson saying those things to people?]


At least three times, as well. But matters between Mr. Christianson and I became very very hostile a month after I arrived in this city.


[when you were part of ECMAS, were you ever informed that  Adams was a disbarred lawyer?] [The reporter is speaking to Ms. Malenfant]


I was informed of that by FC in my first month of being here.

I noted that he was, I just asked him because I thought it funny, I asked why he was so supportive of PA. Because I didn’t know . So I remember asking Mr. C that and he indicated well, he’s a lawyer, he’s got legal training. And I said well in that case why isn’t he practicing? And then he said oh, be had sex with a prostitute and you know it’s nothing really. [Since no one is disbarred for just that, it would have been absurd for me to say

only this much about it.]  [Back] So I ordered the notice of disbarment. I knew that a person could obtain that, anyone can obtain that, it’s a public document. You know, because I wanted to know. Because when I learned that he was disbarred I became troubled by that.


[so were people going to ECMAS meetings told that PA was disbarred?]


Well keep in mind that by the time I came around, and my last meeting that I attended other than the election was November, I attend the monthly board meeting of November. It just was not an issue discussed. Mr. A had been around for a long  time, long before I came around. So it really wasn’t a heated topic, if you will. I don’t know what anybody knew. However, when I read Mr. C’s book in January, I became very alarmed.





[but people who were going to the meeting, were they informed about Mr. A’s background?]


I really can’t say. My understanding was that everyone knew that he was disbarred but they were pretty vague on why. That was the general gyst of it.


[do you mean everyone hanging around ECMAS or everyone coming to a support group meeting?]


I meant the monthly ECMAS meeting. I don’t really know what people knew, but people would bring it up in discussions, right. Not at the meeting, but following meetings. Like the people who are members of ECMAS would do that. So it was really quite vague. Nobody really knew why he was disbarred, they just knew he was a lawyer before.


[what I’m trying to get at is whether people were fully informed, had informed consent]


I really couldn’t say.


[were you ever given his card?)


Yes, I have his card.


[under what circumstances?]


Well F, when we were still talking, in that great month there, in September, brought me over to P’s house, and introduced me to  and what me to apprise  of my work. And in the course of that  provided me with his card.


[Did you ever see Adams give his card to anyone else?]


Yes. At the support group meetings. I only attended two meetings..[did he give out cards at both?] Yes. [to everyone?] No. It would be, he would like, just a few people.


[do you know how he made that decision?]


Probably newcomers. The support group is attended by about 10 hardcore people who really try to attend every week, so they’ve been around awhile. And then there’s the newcomers. One meeting I was at there were like six newcomers. And another meeting I was at there were three newcomers. So there were frequently, at least one or two newcomers...and the newcomers are whom I’ve seen him give cards to.


[during the meeting, after the meeting?


After the meeting.