Index to dishonest/unethical behavior by the Post reporter

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I. Claims and insinuations that she evidently knew to be false, or knew she had no grounds to make


Falsehoods stated or implied in the published newspaper articles themselves:

Claiming to have asked me what I meant by certain passages in the book; she asked only if I believed them. p63

Implying that the book or section rejects teaching children morality and self-restraint regarding sex. p83-5, p115

Stating that in my book I discuss children and sex, including pedophile acts, amorally. p83l2-3, p104-p113

Distorting my equating of possible outcomes of two types of action into equating the two agents. p91-2, p114

Implying that I saw no moral difference between loving parents who teach sexual restraint and pedophiles. p93-4

Stating that I said keeping children sexually naive makes pedophiles attractive to (some) children. p95

Stating that I said keeping children sexually naive is the reason why pedophiles succeed with (any) children. p95

Stating things that can only be read as saying that to some degree I condone child sex abuse. p134

Presenting actions by ECMAS-Edmonton as due to their being collectively scandalized by my views. p202-3

Calling those actions self-generated, knowing that they were due to slander and threats by her. p204, p374-p385

Insinuating that I had been concealing Adams' disbarment. p215

Insinuating that I condoned the behavior for which Adams had been disbarred. p232

Insinuating that uncaring recklessness or corrupt motives lay behind the election of Adams. p255, etc.

Turning a claim that I "suggested that maybe you should" hire Adams into one that I "urged" hiring him. p282

Saying I refused to answer The Post (as opposed to the reporter) regarding any questions e-mailed to me. p283

Insinuating that I was unwilling to discuss my book and behavior in ECMAS with journalists. p283, p304-5

Insinuating that I was systematically pressuring people to fire their lawyers to get them to hire Adams. p284-p293

Misrepresenting the support-meeting's rules (aided by hiding what she had been told was done there). p301l10-13

Insinuating, contrary to her own source, that I wanted all support-meetings to funnel paid work to Adams. p302

Insinuating that Adams and I were colluding in financially exploiting vulnerable persons. p323-5

Insinuating in various ways that Adams and I were motivated by financial gain, not desire to give free help. p331-2


Falsehoods stated or implied to individuals or in examination for discovery:

Saying she talked to certain people to hear our side; the real purpose was to get them to condemn us. p12, p363-4

Indicating to the Edmonton president she'd read my entire book (including all it says about "kids and sex"). p102

Claiming that a certain passage in my book rejects teaching children restraint over sex. p115

Indicating to the president that her editor and three others had read and approved her articles' contents. p132l1-5

Saying to the president that my book "suggests" that "maybe" I condone child sex abuse.          p141-3

Insinuating clearly to the president that my book does condone child sex abuse. p141, p144l1-5, p153l5-6

Telling an interviewee that multiple individuals had told her my book seems to condone child sex abuse.p144l6-10

Telling that interviewee she had learned of this view in my book after she began investigating Adams. p144l7-9

Describing me as preying on those who come to the ECMAS meetings for help. p302l7-9

Implying to an interviewee that she had not been secretly taping their conversation. p335

Indicating that all of the informants had been granted anonymity due to their fear for their court cases. p361

Using the same kind of slander about me to the Calgary leader as to the Edmonton one. p374l10-13


II. Falsehoods promoted by omission of crucial facts in the published articles [Back]


Not telling readers key things she'd been told about the circumstances that led to Adams' election, enabling her to

insinuate uncaring recklessness or corrupt motives for electing him. p13l6-9, p242l8-10, p255

Not telling readers that my book's statements on child sexuality are based on the research literature, enabling her to

insinuate that they are unfounded opinions rather than well established conclusions. p33l9-13

Not disclosing to readers her own hostility toward Adams and me, including accusations to interviewees, which all

by itself would have alerted readers to the danger of biased reporting. p122, p374, etc.

Keeping from readers the fact that two passages were about (1) making pornography and (2) use of pornography by

pedophiles, as a part of seriously misrepresenting what I had said in those two passages. p82l1-6, p95

Not telling readers any of the facts or arguments in the reply I sent, or in the book itself, enabling her to insinuate or

say various false things about me--including the untruth that I refused to defend myself. p125, p283, etc.

Not telling readers that she and Malenfant had alleged, to the persons whose words and actions the article describes,

that I condone child sex abuse, thus hiding the allegation's impact on those persons. p153l9-10 p356l1-3

Not telling readers about Malenfant's criminal record and other facts from her past or about current activities of hers,

which would have revealed bad faith in hers and Malenfant's objections and insinuations. p213-4, p322

Not telling readers that Adams' having been disbarred, and the reason for it, were generally known in ECMAS and

commonly told to ECMAS newcomers, enabling her to imply that I was hiding his disbarment. p215l5-9

Not reporting to readers anything said to her about Adams and me by anyone but Malenfant's allies, including strong

defences of our character and behavior, enabling multiple nasty insinuations. p225-p232, p332l6-9, etc.

Hiding what she knew and was told by ECMAS of the high need for free legal expertise to help people, enabling her

to insinuate that I alone wanted Adams involved, and had illicit motives. p271l4-10, 2l8-9; p295-p302

Not telling readers of my: legal reason for not answering her personally, willingness to do so via counsel, or sending

her editor my replies to her e-mail, enabling her to say/imply I'd refused to tell The Post my side. p283

Not telling readers that the two women quoted were sisters relating the same set of events, creating an insinuation

that urging people to fire their lawyers and hire Adams was a behavioral pattern of mine. p285l1-3

Not telling readers that her two informants who had been attending support meetings never heard me urge anyone to

fire their counsel and hire Adams, enabling her to get away with the previous insinuation. p293l6-10

Not telling readers that the quotation rejecting my belief in Adams' unique ability to help ECMAS was contradicted

by three ECMAS officials, or reporting the facts about the person quoted that discredited his words. p295

Omitting a key part of a quotation from an interviewee, enabling her to hint that Adams and I were engaged in some

kind of financial exploitation of ("preying on") vulnerable individuals. p325

Hiding what one informant said and part of what another said about the after-support-group pub socializing, letting

her send the message that Adams did business there and was lying in saying otherwise. p331l8-13

Not telling readers of Malenfant's "intense hatred" of me for personal reasons, or of her desire for publicity against

me for those reasons, printing instead her claimed motive of preventing harm to ECMAS contacts. p344

Not telling readers of events and relationships that could have biased all of her informants, including their all having

been closely involved with Malenfant and groomed by her to complain to the reporter. p353-5

Not telling readers that some if not all of the unnamed informants wanted anonymity for flatly illegitimate reasons,

enabling her to indicate that the only reason any of them had was fear for ongoing court cases. p361

Not telling readers any of the many things she did to shape the events her article reported, enabling her to imply that

attitudes in the group toward my book were the cause, not fear of being harmed by her. p204, p385

Not telling readers the ECMAS-Edmonton people overwhelmingly opposed her charges about my book and rejected

suspending me, letting her insinuate widespread opposition to me in the group over my book. p385l7-11

(There is solid evidence that she withheld or destroyed certain records that would evidently have been, given all the

strong indicators, even more damning to her than those she did turn over in the suit.) p352, p374l6-9


III. Expressions of bad faith


Plausible cases of consciously attempting to mislead others regarding her beliefs, concerns or intentions:

Alternately denying and affirming the presence of moral content in the 5 pages. p104l2-4, p115l1-6, p142l2-7

Saying my words scandalize people, knowing she had to distort them to make them shocking. p144l9-10, p193-4

Attacking only the organization that was not dealing with sex-abuse allegations, for transparent reasons. p163-4

Being persistently vague about the nature of, and evading objections to, the conflict she alleged. p165-p173

Attacking my "views" when her own views were the ones actually objectionable on the grounds she gave. p182-4

Suggesting that my ideas had been harming ECMAS while aware they'd been virtually unknown. p191-2

Saying ECMAS should have investigated Adams' past though she hadn't done so regarding her ally. p212-3

Claiming that Adams' paid law-related activities were improper, but not those of her ally. p214, p322

Giving Adams an "opportunity to respond" to allegations with no details (later printed) to allow disproof. p364l6-8

Pretending (after originally admitting it) that she didn't think it wrong for her to influence interviewees. p384l6-9

Suspiciously changing her alleged motive for opposing Adams' involvement with ECMAS. p236l8-11, p374l1-3

Having a motive, loyalty to Malenfant, different from those professed or implied to ECMAS or in print. p403l9-11

Insincerely claiming as her motive concern for individuals falsely accused of child sex abuse. p404


Cases seemingly reflecting insincerity/hypocrisy that is more uncaring or opportunistic than immediately conscious:

Alternately denying and asserting that I saw a child being coerced to act sexually as "a problem". p73, 5l2-4

Insisting on a verbal distinction (harm/morals) at one time, violating it at another. p104l2-4, p115l1-6, p142l1-7

Insisting on a verbal distinction (using 'suggests', 'maybe') at one time, violating it at another. p141l1-6, p282

Faulting me for failing to say something she herself failed to say in similar circumstances. p143l1-4, p183l9-11

Violating her professed freedom-of-speech views by trying to harm me just for (virtually unknown) words. p155-6

Accepting reasons for granting anonymity of which she knew one was illegitimate, the other questionable. p361-2

Using various arguments which, given her intelligence and the things she knew, appear highly insincere. p395, etc.


IV. Investigative bias and dishonesty [Back]


Failing to ask or tell me about before publication all but one of the book-passages she attacked in print. p31l3-5

Simply rejecting my book's information about child sexuality instead of checking any research sources it cited. p33

Failing to tell me in advance about any of the objections she printed against statements in the book. p75l1, p135

Failing to read the book (though falsely claiming to recall part she'd read much earlier) except five pages. p102l1-6

Failing to ask me about or otherwise genuinely investigate what she defamed me to the president about. p143l5-12

Never saying or implying to me that anyone had made claims of improper behavior by me. p205l4-6, p305l2-4

Failing to ask me or key others before insinuating (falsely) that I was covering up Adams' disbarment. p215l1-3

Failing to ask about (or report) what ECMAS told her of Adams' character and good works. p225-p232, p363-4

Failing to ask me about Adams' behavior in ECMAS, or to ask Adams anything about me. p232l1-2, p364l8-9

Refusing to investigate (or even to report our claims regarding) the reason why Adams was elected. p242, p255

Failing to investigate anything she heard about Malenfant's motives or actions re ECMAS. p242, p342-5, p394

Failing to genuinely investigate the firing-and-hiring falsehood that she would promote in print. p263, p292

Failing to ask me about or investigate the second-support-group episode she insinuated about in print. p294l1-2

Failing to ask me or investigate in any way before insinuating greed or financial exploitation. p323l1-3, p331l6-7

Being always supportive and uncritical toward Malenfant's allies, skeptical or hostile to ECMAS' side. p343l11-13

Failing to show concern about or investigate any of the many red-flag claims Malenfant was making. p344-5

Failing to ask Malenfant's sources anything relevant to their motives, notably about their prior ties to her. p353-5

Refusing to contact any, even some vital witnesses, to whom Malenfant had not directed her. p292l10-11, p363-4

Asking the president, her sole contact that she thought might be on my side, for no facts whatever about me. p363

Asking none of her 14 questions to learn facts that could materially alter what she intended to publish. p304-5, etc.


V. Manipulating others' behavior with the intent to create or shape the news--and to inflict harm


Delaying the planned publication date, repeatedly, to get action against Adams and me. p122, p375l8-10

Defaming me to both ECMAS presidents in order to cause my expulsion from the group. p141, p374l9-13, p382

Defaming me to an informant to encourage him to say things against me for publication. p144l6-10, p373l3-5

Defaming Adams with an unfounded, anonymous claim to get former leaders to say things against him. p374l1-6

Telling Adams her editor might drop the story against him if he would resign. p375l1-2

Complaining sharply to the ECMAS president about not having quickly received Adams' resignation. p375l5-8

Saying that her paper would portray the group less negatively if ECMAS would expel Adams and me. p375l8-10

Using warnings, evident bad-faith ones, of an immediate deadline to get people to do what she wanted. p383l7-8


Wrongdoing by the National Post's editorial staff and CanWest Global is discussed in these locations:

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