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Thanks for the heads up, Donna.

If specifics are raised and deem a response, we will doso.





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Subject: part 1 tomorrow [These addresses are for ECMAS-Calgary's vice president andpresident]


We've heard that CHED radio and the Journal have been sniffing around,and

sowe are going  tomorrow with a short (500word) newstory to ensure we're

thefirst to report on this.  There's no roomin the paper tomorrow for the

longerfeature (2,000 words), but we expect that to follow the next day.


Tomorrow's  news story does notmention Mr. Christensen, and does not

discussthe issue of Mr. Adams meeting paralegal clients through ECMAS

Edmonton.  If you get callsfrom other reporters, it's entirely up to you

whether you want to initiate a discussion of  those issues with them.

[After rushing both ECMAS groups fora week with alleged internal deadlines, she now cites outsiders as the reasonfor haste. But the only way other media outlets could have been "sniffingaround" was for someone such as Ms. Malenfant to have contacted them first. In fact, I had heard from severalpeople that she was contacting them,urging them to look into these matters becauseThe Post was doing so. But no Albertamedia contacted anyone in either branch of ECMAS until right after the firstPost article had made those matters news. And even then, as we will see later,Ms. Malenfant was unable at that time to convince any Edmontonmedia to print or air a story involving me or my book.]          [Next]


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