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Subject: RE: deadline looming - update URGENTLY needed

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As per my telephone message this afternoon, ECMAS (Edmonton) held their

executive meeting on Sunday. The meeting was rightfully restricted to the

Edmonton executive; I was not privy to it. Their decisions were to

dissociate from [Tim] Adams, yet more fully evaluate their position with Mr.

Christiensen. [This is in error--see other documents.] Our position in Calgary will remain as per our letter to Bob Bouvier: The executive in calgary will first recommend ceasing to use the ECMAS name; followed by en masse resignation from the ECMAS namesake. We will then formulate a new name for the Calgary family advocacy group and propose alternate names to the membership next month.


Mike LaBerge.


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Subject: deadline looming - update URGENTLY needed





My piece looks like it's running tomorrow. I need to know if you guys did,

in fact, take the action you threatened in your statement last week.


many thanks,





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