FROM:          Michael A. LaBerge

DATE:          Thursday, March 22, 2001 3:55 PM

TO:              Donna Laframboise

CC:              Bob Bouvier; Bruce; Marina Forbister; Pat Ward; Elsie Cable

SUBJECT:    ECMAS (Calgary) response to Edmonton



Donna, our local response to the Edmonton chapter of ECMAS is attached.


It is unfortunate this methodology was used to address the issues in


Louise, "the messenger", could have approached past executive or other

chapters in a more positive, building forum rather than a destructive one. I

believe poor judgement was used in Edmonton, out of ignorance of their

decisions' effects, and not deliberate to harm or deceive.


Louise's method for public attention was plain "mean and malicious", with

deliberate intent to discredit numerous good people, a good organization "on

the basis of her standing principles". It is interesting that with such

knowledge over the past months, Louise chose to bring public attention to

this 'evil' only days after not achieving executive status for her chosen

candidate within the same organization she now condemns.

This glass house of her standing principles is not perfect either.


-President Clinton's ill behaviour does not make every American evil.

-Ann McLellan's earlier writings of limiting father involvement is currently

out of context with her mandate to protect and uphold the rights of ALL

Canadians, including fathers. Will such public wrath be directed towards her


-Hedy Fry's comments of racism in Prince George does not mean every woman in

Canada shares her views. Heck, she was appointed and is being paid by the

government to say such things. Will she be publically condemned as well?

-Does the knowledge of the female teacher with sexual misconduct acting as

tutor condemn all teachers or tutors?


The poor judgement by a few volunteers in a local support group does not

warrant the wrath of public condemnation that is being spoken. ECMAS as a

whole has created a lot of good policy positions and credibility on the

civic, provincial and federal levels of government in support of children

and families. We have worked hard and long in Calgary to  support families

of divorce and build this credibility. The Edmonton voluntees have worked

hard as well.

I trust you will use the 10,000 ft view of this when/if your article


Please note that any association other than use of the ECMAS trade name with

implications to the Edmonton decisions will be considered defamitory.



Mike LaBerge,

President, ECMAS (Calgary)