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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 21:32:12 -0600

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First, e-mail Mike sent me on Thursday, March 22nd.



Robert G.J. Bouvier        Willowglen Systems Inc.   8522 Davies Road

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Sent: March 22, 2001 1:57 PM  [Note that the letter making insinuations about my book (originally attached to this email) was sent, on a workday, about four hours after its author LaBerge finished talking to the reporter.]     [Back]

To: Bob Bouvier (E-mail)

Subject: Letter from ECMAS (Calgary)

Importance: High



Bob, the attached letter is in response to recent unfortunate events. It is

an important action item from the group in Calgary.

I will be in Edmonton tomorrow evening at the Sheraton Inn downtown and i

would like to meet with you and a few of your board members if you are



Suggest Friday at 9:00 PM or Saturday morning breakfast 7:00 AM at the

hotel.We have a varied hockey schedule at the Millenium Arena in Sherwood



Iknow you may be thinking:"Shit! Who needs this BS anyway?" Don't fret.

Proper actions may place higher credibility on yourselves than anticipated.





Mike LaBerge


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